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  1. They get used to the bullet speed and trajectory, so they tend to shy away from other weapons.
  2. Pfft, people are already teaming. Your point is invalid.
  3. Thank god I went to training grounds first and figured this out
  4. Its already been mentioned a thousand times, and indeed its been adjusted on PC. However dead horses need beaten by newbie accounts too?
  5. Its just a darn shame that it probably wasn't found legit, just data divers and people clipping through the game. =/
  6. Pfft, when I get to that point in time, I typically accept the mentality of I already beat 99 others and even if its first place looser, still first place. Ontop of that a lot of the time the circle is the one to decide the winner if the two left alive are smart enough to take advantage of it, but as for a pan off....I don't know how to explain it other than it makes things better. Like winning? Then winning a pan off really makes a win feel good.
  7. but then I can't ruin someone else's day when I can't find other guns!
  8. got creamed by a guy, had to be mnk….full 100m from the alpha compound, I was on the edge of the mountain in sanhock. I had a 6x scope on the m24, he had iron sights on the QBZ....He hit me 3 times in the lvl 2 helmet on single fire, but made it sound like auto. No way in hell you can do that with just a normal xbox controller. AAAAAAaaaaaand now this thread will now be deleted, good luck and see you soon zero
  9. Went from the greatest game ever, back to PUBG at exactly 9 a.m. CEST With twitch active and chewing on internet speeds: And without twitch running: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/74958383 Oh and guns do not load on landing....xbox x with SSD: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/74958310 Last but not least, Id like to point out that the new smg's suck.....the UMP 45 shoots slower than the revolver reloads, the vector has enough power in it to make the enemy think about wasting a whole energy drink, the only smg left is the MP5 and while it is mediocre in both firepower and fire rate, it needs an entire m4 kit up to be justified. Not that I don't mind, but since its only found in vikendi where you can also dive for two crates in the secret cave {and probably will be for 3-4 months} why bother with it? Oh and as a side note, I found the devs side note.
  10. I do that a lot. Just posted it to PUBG WTF website....this could be epic @.@
  11. bro, this is the first...seriously! Typically the end up splattered and nekkid.
  12. holy Christ...….this.....this right here......this is why we NEED proximity chat. "Hey bro, Im not really feeling this." "Yeah man, me neither." "K, so umm. Im going to go now, promise not to shoot?" "Im already across the road and hauling ass to the next circle!"
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