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  1. wizardO3


    Well if it had nearly zero recoil on 30 rounds of ammo, Id be down for it, but even with the comp, tac stock, and vert grip. 3 shots one a full sized target within 20m "IF" your lucky, then you better start fighting the recoil.
  2. wizardO3


    Yeah, I do admit the UMP is nearly recoilless even nekkid, but at least there is "SOMETHING" going on until you put a grip on it....hell, I prolly wouldn't be so anti UMP if throwing the vert grip on a M4 produced as noticeable of an effect, but it doesn't really do something that noticeable.
  3. wizardO3


    meh, its a super 50/50.....Yeah, some bush snakes, some wriggly wrigglies, but also a couple if I don't move, no one can see me's.
  4. wizardO3

    Competitive players

    True, but for what it is worth, if I ever go for pro, its gonna be under your banner.
  5. xbox x, SSD, TB 800x pro elite, 70in HDR LG TV, and recliner found off road.
  6. wizardO3

    starting to finally

    Trust me, your not the only one. Iv bounced to other games, then had to turn back cause of the fail rate.....First fallout 76, then vigor. Think about fallout 4 again, or maybe World of Tanks.....yet to decide.
  7. wizardO3

    Competitive players

    Cause I kinda want an official tournament. All of them right now are currently "unofficial" =/ But I might try one of kiwi's, he started the mess. XD
  8. wizardO3


    I don't think so....while shooting the ump ADS, I did not add any other inputs in an effort to control the gun. I just let it "do its own thing"
  9. wizardO3


    true, but when was the last time a target stood still when getting shot at? Hell, I honestly like a touch of pattern to my sprays. Kind of a weird way to anticipate a runner.
  10. wizardO3


    Oh yeah, comp + lightweight grip=negative recoil....Put on an extended mag as well and it gets really noticeable. Back when this problem first became highlighted, I went out of my way in zarhki to hook up a fully knitted UMP and lightweight grip, and the closest thing to it I could find, a vector. I made a whole video shooting both guns and even though the vector had the vertical grip, comp, AND the tac stock, shot from the bottom of a doorway clear to the top of a two story about 150m away. Same thing with the UMP and lightweight grip, but instead of climbing the building, it stayed put for about 6 rounds and then slowly worked its way down the door, the next 5 shots was really slow at working its way downwards, and after that completely straight down. the shots at the doorway at 150m ended up being straight into the ground at less than 25m away.
  11. wizardO3


    I seen an opportunity to multi task. I provided sarcasm on the topic, a counter point to why the gun isn't OP, and displayed my opinion without needing to make a long reasoning behind it, and agreed that it is broken to a point where it is the only problematic weapon in game, all while using the fewest words possible. As for snobbyness, rudeness, or coming up with some method of being more polite, I may have just went with the quick n easy here. It was inconsiderate on my part. And yeah, I was agreeing with you. no progress other than I am saying I back you.
  12. Ok, not going to lie, we got snow n shit right now. So putting up or shut up is a fail here, too damn slick for a perfect 90 degree left or right turn. Will still attempt if requested for the lols.
  13. wizardO3

    dev report

    perhaps from our perspective....The problem is we don't know what they was trying to do, or if it accomplished what they wanted it to do or not. If it did, they move on to the next step, if not, well back to the drawing board......this is not as simple as "Fix it! Turn that knob! Pull that lever!" its a freaking work of art, but at least they are trying to keep us up to date as to how they are going through the steps.....that was what the dev report was about this time around. Same here bro, I think its a server side thing though, and not us. We gotta wait for the server to determine what kind of junk to throw up into the game. I always land somewhere where I know loot is, and just wait a minute or two before moving on. As for the excessive extra tid bits, I totally 100% agree....we do NOT need butterflies or seagulls or any of that PC ultra graphics settings crap.
  14. wizardO3


    Yes, the performance of the ump is completely balanced. This is why it is the only gun in the whole game that will shoot into the ground when equipped with a compensator and lightweight grip.