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  1. Im saddened with the disappearance of the crossbow, AND ammo for it.....granted, I know its not a super popular weapon, but at the same time, its the equalizer in vikendi's super easy to find lvl 3 everything. Same with P18C, its like a ghost anymore.
  2. yep, rare spawn item tho….kinda like the p18c
  3. I figured......Best way to snag a ledge with controller would prolly be blasting the crap outa the A button while doing the flying squirrel
  4. I do that occasionally. sorry if I sounded a bit rude, but there are times when solid rules do need bent in order to win. As for the sound, sadly I do not own a pair of turtle beach 800x's anymore. They kept breaking at the ear mount swivel and that still brings a tear to my eye cause I could have told you if the other guy ate spaghetti the night before they are that precise....Best I got is Astro A20's...not bad, they do the job, but precision is not their forte. I knew he was to the right, and he was roughly 100m or so away.....if he did sprint to me, might have gotten a nip on me just as I finished healing, so I made myself flat and harder to spot. As for nades, was possible, but was more worried about being rushed than anything. So I prepped to defend myself from getting seen. But I do see your logic in that argument. One nade, Id be toast.
  5. Anything we can do to help? Take vids and then drop hot, cold, fully clothed, nekkid, ect. ect. Anything????
  6. Yep, happens pretty much every game where I drop with a ton of other players. Hacienda, castle, military base.....hell, it does it from time to time when I drop off by myself.
  7. Not me, not at the cost of the game. You see me go prone here to heal, not cause I want to hide, but because I want to block any direct line of sight from the last player who I know is below the hill.....even if he had crested the bump in between us, he still would not have been able to take a shot, or seen me if he got close enough to have been able to.
  8. No boats spawn there already. Typically the only boats that spawn in nearby are a couple that can span just below the mountain along the northern and eastern side beaches. But its not a guarantee that anything pops up. But the drive to get to spawn island for a crate spawn may cause players to take the risk of parachuting to it directly and then hoping someone with a boat pops up so they can take it. The downside is that if no one shows up, they will be in the worst place on the entire map to try and make it to the next safe zone. Also it might be rather interesting to have crate RNG placement on the island kinda like they did in the caves.....I noticed the care package sometimes moved from box to box, sometimes it was close to the entrance on the east side, sometimes the west side, every so often they was in the middle.....if you could move the care package from the tunnel, hanger, building, radar tower.....it would prove to be harder to get and would waste time for those who will be hard pressed to do a snag and swim.
  9. With the way things are going, I would say that its hard pressed to see a "whole new" game. However, I would like to think that maybe they build a whole new map that maybe only scarlet owners would be able to play. Maybe it has its own code, maybe its own outlay, still uses the old weapons, and its a map that the new Scarlett can access, but you can also play on the old map with the older console users as well. Just locked at 30fps on the old maps so there isn't an unfair advantage.
  10. I don't depend on just the grass alone. I typically work a hill or ridgeline.....the idea behind it is yeah, the grass and bushes does work, but you gotta be in such close quarters with your opponent for it to work properly that you can't rely on it alone at a distance. But they gotta get close to crest the hill, so it does work in those situations. However Im more in favor for the direct line of sight being blocked by just that slight rise or depression of the terrain. So while you may use the grass in sanhok, erengal, or hell even in vikendi in certain circles, I also rely more on ridge lines in all maps including Miramar to give myself the advantage.
  11. Maybe one day in the future.....maybe a crate pops up in some sort of weird underground bunker that the resistance hid there...or some sort of crazy loot stash....Maybe someday, maybe.
  12. prolly not gonna matter.....why bother driving through bullets when you can go around them?
  13. Your not the only one, in fact this is a problem on PC still. If you check out wackyjacky talking about the latest's PC update, he keeps complaining about how there is still no fix for this problem. "Oh look, here it says fixed an issue where weapons don't spawn in when you land.....no....wait....it doesn't. Oh, and the next note, fixed an issue with weapon spawn....nope....fixed an issue....umm no. oH! HEEERE IT IS......no wait....." But yeah, I have had multiple instances where I land first, am just looking around and standing there like a fool, then POOF! guns, items, healing, armor…..right under that guy that just landed behind me. >.< I know you don't see it in this video, so its not a grand example, but when I land and look left to the wall and random fence in the doorway, there was an S12K right there that had not loaded in yet. I RAN RIGHT PAST IT CAUSE IT WASN'T THERE YET! https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/77167112
  14. Can't argue, like vin diesel said in the original fast n furious. Winning, is winning. But you never write home about that one guy you killed unless it was a super epic showdown.
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