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  1. wizardO3

    It blows my mind........

    yeah, the lag switch is also a thing.....and anti recoil scripted controllers, and mouse and keyboard, and radar......its funny how nothing is ever brought up about if they work on anti cheating even though it is a thing. At least they are taking care of things server side...
  2. wizardO3

    2x only

    better than me, I only snagged a red dot once for an m24 XD
  3. wizardO3

    The rag doll physics are dumb now.

    I like it when the explode into a direction at super sonic speed.....I hate it when they just lay there, twitching, continually using their bandaids like a zombie....
  4. wizardO3

    Vikendi's loot---Smg focused

    im chill with the cave, everyone and their brother crashes it and because of that, it makes all that gear nearly impossible to be looted without it being cleaned of ammo or damage free armor. Sides, gives those "once in a lifetime" moments to be ultra epic.
  5. wizardO3

    A simple reminder, this is pubg...

    wow, that bike was totally "fuck you!" in every way possible. XD
  6. wizardO3

    A simple reminder, this is pubg...

    Iv learned to take it easy in places where I can't see in front of me, or to jump ship when Im going too fast....better chance at survival to throw yourself out of a moving vehicle at 120 KPH than to clip anything at 20 KPH. XD
  7. wizardO3

    A simple reminder, this is pubg...

    desync? how salty. And im positive the first guy I downed was 350ms lagging to tell his buddies "hey, there is a dude in here" 😎
  8. wizardO3

    A simple reminder, this is pubg...

    93 views, not a single like or comment.....Anyone?
  9. wizardO3

    Destroy 10 helmets

    I was worried about this too, especially with all the lvl 3 helmets, but I have noticed that crossbows will destroy all helmets, no matter how new. Had a guy stop over a loot pile, pick up a lvl2 helmet and start working on the mini 14 under it. After waiting for just the right moment, popped him in the melon and watched his helmet poof into smoke. Did the same to a guy who just landed in the same town with me, we never got into a fight, but I seen him peep a window and I popped him in the head too, again. Helmet went poof, and it was a lvl3
  10. wizardO3

    PUBG Roadmap for 2019-Beyond

    Im actually surprised we are still getting stuff to be honest....only thing I can think of for console version still getting stuff is cause it was already in the pipeline for this long....after vikendi, not sure if we are going to get much if anything now. >.>
  11. wizardO3

    Vikendi's loot---Smg focused

    I feel like vikendi was built not with the sniper in mind, but the hunter.....track your targets, use the cover to creep in, nip em with stealth. SMGs are ultra quiet compared to AR's, and in the right hands, are just as dangerous. However when you add the crossbow into play....the whole map rewards the creeper, not the aggressor.
  12. So even if you get a sweet ass squad wipe https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/71428998 Don't get too cocky or the game will put you in your place https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/71428999
  13. wizardO3

    Event mode?

    Yeah, its a survival game. Mostly just go looking for supplies, hope you get something usefull, stratigise on what to do next, and so forth and so on. However the rewrite on their story mode has gotten me perked up a bit. I ran it through till I got to the hydro dam, but that's where the story went unfinished.....Now supposedly they have reworked it entirely, and added the next chapter. So kinda looking forward to that too. Its either that, or world of tanks.
  14. Yeah, the scariest part of this game is that the hits are not registered via server, but on the clients end.....If I was to cook up a program that could somehow register hits on all survivors, then my information got sent to the client, I could kill everyone.....To hell with aim bot or wall hacks, I could just tell the server that I shot everyone in the head with an AWM, and it will accept it as the truth and kill everyone.
  15. wizardO3

    Event mode?

    I do have to admit, once the vikendi pass is over, or I max it out, Im prolly going to go ahead and jump back into the long dark. Hinterland just added a massive patch, a bunch of new tweeks, and rewrote the entire storyline with a new one...Last time I played it, the new way of cooking was a bit of a challenge, but could offer much more reward if done correctly....I might last longer than a week on interloper mode. XD Also Kinda wish X box would have gotten mechanic simulator, or at least tank mechanic simulator....I fucking love cars and tanks n shit.