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  1. The inconsistent damage, the inconsistent bounces, the inconsistent sound of the bounces...and when they actually land...they 1 shot people. Sure it feels great getting a grenade double kill, but it also seems unfair sometimes. How would it work if nades would do damage differently, like once they explode, for a small amount with a bit more knockback and ALSO applying a damage over time effect, totaling for the current amount of damage. That way, if you're behind cover, getting naded you get pushed out of cover and you can do 2 things, heal right away for the incoming DOT or fight through the pain with the risk of dying from the dot.
  2. It actually was a neckshot apparently, i thought though, since he wasn't full hp that he should have died anyway, guess it was really lucky of him. It looks like it should do 84 dmg on a lvl2 helmet, he had slightly more than that i presume.
  3. Some bamboozlery going on here seeing how i headshotted the guy with a kar98 wearing a low hp lvl 2 helmet, with about 70hp and after that he just repeeks me wearing nothing. The helmet was destroyed so it was a headshot, you can see his hp there...what happened? PS: 3 sniper shots to down a lvl 3 vest guy? was this a recent nerf on snipers? Bolt action snipers seem to be a bad choice unless you can confidently go for headshots every time, otherwise, DMRs appear to be the superior go-to long range weapon.
  4. It's one of those things that has endured over the 2 years the games has been going on, will it ever be fixed? delayed loot.mp4.mp4
  5. 144Hz, getting about 110-120 avg fps About 25C room temp. The fans work fine, the airflow is fine, thing is, I'm not worrying too much about the gpu since the temps reach 75C in PUBG, which is not a whole lot but considering that in other games i barely reach 70C, i wanted to know what pushes it that far.
  6. A clean gtx 970. I was pointing out the fact that PUBG is the only one that pushes the GPU to high temps, i've done a bunch of benchmarks and none went over the top. Edit: almost everything is running on low for high fps.
  7. Out of all the games i've recently played, PUBG is the only one pushing my GPU to quite high temperatures and i've been wondering what's going on, is the anti-cheat using the GPU to actively look for cheats or what's happening?
  8. I know the intent is to make them more special spawning only on a certain map, like QBZ is on Sanhok and mp5 on Vikendi, but i feel that it's kind of wasteful since one person can prefer other maps due to personal preference, but is denied access to the weapons one map is known for, and to play it, one would feel forced-ish. (I for one really like Vikendi's looks, but there are certain aspects that make me not want to play it). What i'd suggest is to replace weapons with their counterparts on a percentage number of times(10% chance for Vikendi ones, 10% for Sanhok, 80% for Erangel weapons ON an Erangel queue, percentages could be changed), like, spawn the QBZ on Erangel instead of the Scar for that session only. This could work great for a number of reasons, make the map feel fresh on the weapons aspect, give players the chance to USE the new weapon additions on the map they prefer, progress the new mastery feature on said weapons.
  9. I've been advised to post this here: I've been hit from behind the fence by a car that stopped on the other side on a stack of bricks, and i wasn't even hugging the wall, will these kind of things ever change or is it considered a rare occurrence and being ignored totally?
  10. Like how the current targets are, on rails, but moving at those set speeds.
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