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  1. Yeah don't count on that being next week mate.
  2. Freshenmeyer

    Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    Bug Description: Audio cuts out (essentially mutes) for a split second randomly through matches. I haven't narrowed it to a particular action or occurrence as yet. Date Seen:  Post update #12 in multiple matches - 03/05/18 AEST Troubleshooting Attempted: Verified with squad mates if they were experiencing the same issue - confirmed. Though not confirmed if it was happening simultaneously or at different times. Checked sound devices - no issues found. No issues in other games or applications. Other Information:  Will note down what was happening each time it occurs when I next play. Two times that I can remember I was in vehicles but I can't remember the first few times as I hadn't figured it was reoccurring then.
  3. Freshenmeyer

    Rolling Back Recent Blue Zone Changes

    @PUBG_Tamat A few questions for you. How did your team decide on the bluezone definitions? I'm interested in how much weight you give to the feedback you get from "competitive" players . I've seen some back and forth on twitter from your reps and them (specifically about blue zone speeds in addition to other stuff) and I wonder at their influence given they're probably less than 0.01% of your player base. I've seen mentions of your staff "monitoring comments" and "collating information" from various sources etc. However that doesn't seem to have resulted in some of the most commented & requested issues/changes being addressed. How much testing occurred before it was released to the public test server (given how ridiculously short the public test server was up for)? Why was the public test server period so short? I assume you didn't really have any wish to test the impact of the changes on how the game was played or the feedback from the players. Was this pushed through simply as a matter of process and to validate the base mechanics and update processes given it was so short?
  4. Freshenmeyer

    Cheating Discussion

    To be fair to them I've never seem any BH/PUBG rep say that. At first they said nothing at all, and since they were forced to acknowledge the issue they have repeatedly said it's a major issue. Where have you seen them state that?
  5. Freshenmeyer

    Cheating Discussion

    Battleye alone have banned over 2.5 million accounts. Compared to the EA sales figures Bluehole just published that's approximately 9.5% of the accounts in the game - and that's only BE's total.
  6. Freshenmeyer

    Cheating Discussion

    Where this falls down is just how big of an impact a single cheat has in PUBG. You leave a hacker playing for even 10 games more than necessary think how much collective time that wastes for all those affected. How much aggravation it generates.
  7. Freshenmeyer

    Discussion: September Update

    I don't think thats the case at all. They have pretty clearly stated that their primary concern with the number of game modes is queue times & number of players per match.
  8. Freshenmeyer

    Discussion: September Update

    Great to see swift attention to the BP farmers. That has seriously gotten out of control. Re FPP. If only one FP mode is available for a region, please consider rotating it to SOLO & SQUAD (preferably squad from my point of view) periodically. Also upon moving out of early access can I assume that all game modes will be made available to the regions?