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  1. revolutionary

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    i completely agree with OP. there are a lot of situations where getting a knockout is not rewarding enough because of the current knockout and revive mechanics. imagine an ending with 2 teams left alive. both have some form of cover with open field between both teams. lets say both teams got a ridge pretty far from each other so crossing from one ridge to the next takes longer than the time to revive someone. getting a knockout in this case is basically meaningless since in order to capitalize on the knockout the team has to cross open field which takes longer than the revive on the knocked guy. its a stalemate and basically only the next zone will decide which team wins and which team loses. this might be an extreme example but it still illustrates the problems with the current mechanics. imo, the required time for reviving should be increased significantly.
  2. revolutionary

    Aiming Down Sight Abnormally Fast

    how do i get a scope like this? https://clips.twitch.tv/ProudBoredTomatoOSkomodo
  3. revolutionary

    list of control issues

    LOLed hard when i saw that list of known issues. - ads'ing while falling/getting pushed by a nade cancels ADS, if i keep holding ADS i should get back into ADS as soon as i land. instead i have to release it and hold it down again. sucks a lot. - setting switch seat controls to same keys as other actions that can not be used in vehicles cancels reload. if i set c to 'switch seat to 3' as well as the default crouch, crouching cancels reload. this should NOT happen when i am not in a vehicle. with default controls, crouching does not cancel reload. why do car hotkeys then interfere with reloading? - leaning is impossible if walking is bound to ctrl and walking is pressed (i lean on my mouse side buttons and they are bound to 0 and 9 via my mouse software, so in the controls leaning is set to 0 and 9). ctrl+0 and ctrl+9 is by default set to some replay features like save players. those binds should NOT interfere with normal controls and ctrl+9/0 should not stop leaning from working while walking. similar issue to the crouch+reload bug. - rebinding 'scope zoom in/out' to ctrl+mwheel does not work - 'scope zoom in/out' and 'reticle brightness up/down' are by default bound to the same keys (mwheel up/down) but can not be rebound to the same 2 different keys - hold breath (shift) does not work if its pressed slightly before ADS. this makes it really infuriating to quickly peek+ADS+hold breath because of the delay you have to wait before you can hold breath. if i hold down shift before i ADS, simply make me hold breath once i am in ADS.
  4. revolutionary

    Hold-ADS Clunkiness

    hey, using ADS (aim down sight) on hold instead of toggle feels really clunky in many situations. for example, if a grenade explodes relatively close while you ADS, it will push you to the side. the time you spend flying will be enough to cancel the ADS. however, once you land again, if you still hold down the RMB (right mouse button), you will not get into ADS. you have to release the RMB, then hold it down again. i consider this to be a bug that should get fixed.
  5. revolutionary

    BUG: Crouch cancels reload.

    BUMP! this is an extremely annoying bug. as OP described, if you have C bound to Crouch as well as "Change Vehicle Seat 5" or whatever it is called, then crouching cancels reloading.
  6. revolutionary

    Q and E cancel reload

    i use 2qwe for move forwards left backwards right. when i press q and e while reloading (which is as said bound to move left and move right) it cancels the reload. this is not the case if i use wasd to move.