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    Community Mega Thread *POSTING RULES IN HERE*

    We are Recruiting new members who will be playing PUBG on Xbox and PS4. Reborn Gaming(RXG) was created in 2015 and over 20 active clans on Xbox. RXG just started building a new Division on PSN and looking forward gaming with PS4 owners. Our honor code is the foundation that Reborn Gaming was built on and it ensures that every member has a enjoyable gaming experience and no one is left behind. We have a simple rank structure: Recruit (XXxR) Private (XXxP) Sergeant (XXxS) Master Sergeant (XXxM) Lieutenant (XXxL) Captain (XXxC) Squad Leader General (XXxG) Clan Leader Section Leader (RS) Division Leader (RD) Community Leader (RC) Council Leader (RX). I am a Section Leader with Clans on both Xbox and PS4, I'm looking forward meeting and gaming with gamers who are looking for a Clan to join for PUBG. The time is now, Join RXG. My GT on PS4 is xViperGodx My GT on XBL is RXG ViperGod RS Good Hunting!!!