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  1. Rellik

    Cheating Discussion

    I have the same issue, I reported 2 people using instant heal in video, SOLVED ... neither banned... COMPLETE JOKE
  2. Rellik

    Cheating Discussion

    EVERY TPP GAME NOW HAS HACKERS... all chinese Great job, maybe I should just join the bunch since you guys do nothing. You guys have failed FAILURE...
  3. Rellik

    Cheating Discussion

    OMG... seriously.. stop cheating is so easy REMOVE BP... until you can detect cheats.. no incentive for a majority of the Chinese to cheat. They do to farm BP.. just like they farm every other game. So no, your not doing everything.. that 1 simple step would stop a majority of it. Edit. The other issue is you guys cant even seem to admit that the Chinese ruin this game, they do the same to every game, farm. Almost every game I have played has been overrun by Chinese farmers. Then you got Mr Greene calling us racist cause we hate them, when this is a fact. Try being honest about it, they are ruining this game.
  4. https://pubgtracker.com/profile/pc/langzifsy/solo?region=na No idea, but stats don't look good
  5. Rellik

    AUTO stuck on AS server.

    Same issue, please fix I live in California, play in NA and default is AS Maybe they thought NA was North Asia cause all the Asians play here?