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  1. so funny, my stepbrother gots yesterday the same message and had to uninstall his orginal logitech driver. but the real **** is still running. omg, pubg. kicking normal player because of his mousesoftware and all the huya and douyutv on eu server are laughing...... great politics
  2. So wie dieses Forum geführt wurde, kein Wunder. Post wurden gelöscht die Ingame Probleme aufzeigten. Das Cheaterthema wurde auch in gewisser Weise zurückgehalten. Threads die nicht Pro Pubg waren gleich zerrissen und man bekam Penality Points.... Ich bin froh, das es noch freie Foren gibt, die lockerer moderiert werden und wo man so manchen Link posten kann und nicht gleich Strafpunkte erhält. Wer wirklich wissen wollte, was Sache ist, war eh selten hier sondern in anderen Foren. BB, Pubg Germany
  3. my only wish today..... a ban for this jayfrog because of insult
  4. forki, stop discussing with this jayfrog. he lives in his own pubg world. he never will accept your opinion and will kill you with his 24/7 comments. it really makes no sense. this game is full of cheater and everyone posting here is right. just ignore him. all you say is ok! mexican, my hero. thanks for posting this great Videos here and showing us, what daily happen on the Server. maybe someday this game gets a working anticheat or persons they care about it with more power. good Job man! stay here and post more....! daily Business... stay cool
  5. i dont say, ist not possible to have good hitting with spray and 4x and so on. i only say, theres a difference between own recoil and script/software. thx for this comment, again, no matter which profil here you use
  6. yeah, everybody is better than you. only noobs getting killed by just better people, ye, ye... all pro gamer handling theire mouse like a nasa pilot. and all the free mouse scripts are fake and the fairy tale software for oneshootkill too. existing only in css, bf and cod. please stop reporting, better not or you a noob because u got killed by a profi hardcore gamer. this hole thread is a fake and the millions of bans just a not true story.... omg, i see a flying car... thats not possible like cheater in this game. thanks god, everybody is better
  7. welcome back jayfrog (another new account here? again, again?) straight from the german forum. looks like the 3 threads there a month are not enough. here he is. fighting now international for his own pubg religion, a cheatfree game, which it already is, from his own point of view. so everybody posting here, something about cheater, be sure he is here and you will get a comment. and be sure too, you will get a loooot of comments against your opinion, whatever you will say. and all comments have one message: i know everything about pubg and my opinion is true and yours not my opinion is, you killed the german forum with your pubg politic cheater are still existing, chinese still flood eu server, a game account you can buy for 7 Dollar and anticheat needs a update to work well... all facts now have fun with the comments
  8. hello pubg people... i am back after a month without pubg. the mission was to find out, why after 1500 hours my skill gets not better in this game or if my pc is too lame for this game or wtf is wrong with this game. so i decided to play the old games like battlefield, cod or counterstrike, to proof if i loose skill or what. i difficult question after 18 years of shooter gaming. so now i can say, i am still really good. in all other games kdr over 2 and more. real good stats in all gamemods. from technical side no desync and lag. Jesus, the best thing is, if i shoot an enemy soldier... i hit him and he is dead!!! crosstarget on head or body, shoot and dead. in pubg ist only a luck game if hitdetection, hitbox, lag and desync ALLOW me to make a kill. ist a technical Fukushima in pubg. with a top pc, 100mb inet in the middle of europe... well... second part of the story is my journey to my grandparents over the easterweeekend. on travel i make a short stop at the home of my stepbrother. to my surprise he plays pubg too. i dont have a lot of contact to him , he is 12 years younger. so he shows me his gameplay and his clan, a lot of guys from his school in teamspeak. i watch over his shoulder and he was very proud to show me his esp and aimbot.... omg. never seen this live before. he tells me, always to play in squad, never do more than 5 kills, never use aimbot. so he and his complete clan plays since months undetected. makes me thinking about the whole problem in this game. so, with this technical problems and with the knowing of cheating behind the scenes, i wont be able to start a new season. in battleroyal ist the mission to win the game and be the last survivor. but ist not possible, if there is no working anticheat in this game. sure, other games have cheater too. but here its horrible. no chance for a win. no working anticheat reaction from the bosses! so i spend my last bp for chests and then i will quit it. to all, have a nice day and dont give cheaters a chance. bye
  9. my last words here for a while... after todays update, the game is permanent crashing today. last game 3 times. please fix it. thanks god i take a break from this game....
  10. Hier in dieses deutsche Forum schau ich total gern rein. Total viel zum Lachen hier macht weiter so
  11. https://steamcharts.com/app/578080 stats dont lie. People are bored about the anticheat politics.... bh, wanna try this: https://irdeto.com/news/leveling-the-playing-field-with-denuvo-anti-cheat/
  12. since patch same soundproblem here too
  13. Bh, please ban the Huya Tv and all kind of these chinese cheater!!! Show us a reaction. atm it make no sense to play this game!
  14. sunday with massiv cheater Looks like today is 50% off for cheats... or for free bh, start banning them....
  15. Cheater everywhere! No serious gameplay possible!! Why does the new anticheat dont work??
  16. watched some cheater today. reported...
  17. a lot of cheatsoftware use q and e for no recoilmacro. that is fact. ak with autofire.... looks great...
  18. some weeks after the big update, top ten in every game is again full of cheater. no chance in solo games for a chicken. eu server are floated with chinese nick names. why??? and dont forget: shooting AND leaning is a sign for cheating using macro software. easy to see. ban em...
  19. This game makes no sense... again killed by a offensive cheater....... no change since months, cheaters paradise
  20. ich spiele schon shooter bzw online seit es die technik gibt, sprich schon vor deiner geburt. deinem profil nach ist es besser nicht mit dir zu diskutieren, da du resistent bist anderen meinungen platz zu lassen. du vertrittst hier im extremen die meinung des produzenten, was natürlich ok ist. es stellt sich eher die frage, ob du ein mitarbeiter bist. aber egal. ich klinke mich hier aus. viel spass noch in deiner welt
  21. Nach über 1000 Stunden kann ich sagen, das jemand der mit ner Ump auf 200 Meter im Autofire Modus mit nem kurzen Feuerstoss im Lehnen nen Heady macht, mal an hat. Denn wenn ich Leuten zuseh, die fix anhaben, dann schaut das mal genau so aus. Ist halt mal so. Und wenn vom Support keine Rückmeldung kommt, obwohl die Stats eine klare Aussage machen... naja, ist halt so. Ist halt Pubg...
  22. In den letzten Wochen keinerlei Rückmeldung vom Support, keine Bans, nix. NoRecoil, Lean and Autofire ist völlig ausser Kontrolle... da ist man wohl der Doofe, wenn man nicht an hat
  23. a few weeks, it seems the cheater problem is getting better. now we have the cheater wave as reality again. ESP and NoRecoil (lean and shoot) massiv.....
  24. good news. after 3 weeks message ingame one cheater got a ban. good work
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