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  1. hello pubg people... i am back after a month without pubg. the mission was to find out, why after 1500 hours my skill gets not better in this game or if my pc is too lame for this game or wtf is wrong with this game. so i decided to play the old games like battlefield, cod or counterstrike, to proof if i loose skill or what. i difficult question after 18 years of shooter gaming. so now i can say, i am still really good. in all other games kdr over 2 and more. real good stats in all gamemods. from technical side no desync and lag. Jesus, the best thing is, if i shoot an enemy soldier... i hit him and he is dead!!! crosstarget on head or body, shoot and dead. in pubg ist only a luck game if hitdetection, hitbox, lag and desync ALLOW me to make a kill. ist a technical Fukushima in pubg. with a top pc, 100mb inet in the middle of europe... well... second part of the story is my journey to my grandparents over the easterweeekend. on travel i make a short stop at the home of my stepbrother. to my surprise he plays pubg too. i dont have a lot of contact to him , he is 12 years younger. so he shows me his gameplay and his clan, a lot of guys from his school in teamspeak. i watch over his shoulder and he was very proud to show me his esp and aimbot.... omg. never seen this live before. he tells me, always to play in squad, never do more than 5 kills, never use aimbot. so he and his complete clan plays since months undetected. makes me thinking about the whole problem in this game. so, with this technical problems and with the knowing of cheating behind the scenes, i wont be able to start a new season. in battleroyal ist the mission to win the game and be the last survivor. but ist not possible, if there is no working anticheat in this game. sure, other games have cheater too. but here its horrible. no chance for a win. no working anticheat reaction from the bosses! so i spend my last bp for chests and then i will quit it. to all, have a nice day and dont give cheaters a chance. bye
  2. my last words here for a while... after todays update, the game is permanent crashing today. last game 3 times. please fix it. thanks god i take a break from this game....
  3. hey guys. after 1500 hours i need a break. to many things happend in the last months in this game. some good, but most of them negative. good ones were no crashes and better fps. but the bad things are a lot more. i dont know what bluehole works on in this game, but it looks like a lil bit the wrong way. there are a lot of probs in this game i dont wanna write here all of them. only two things: the new clackclacksound when running costs massive my nerves. i dont need useless stress. second thing is the cheater problem. i think, they dont believe in this massive problem what happens right now in this moment. it is bigger then ever !!!! so, people, the weather is fine. i am out for a month. cod blackout is free to play this month if i need a game. so, maybe, see u in may or june if the situation shows a chance of serious and fair gameplay
  4. Hier in dieses deutsche Forum schau ich total gern rein. Total viel zum Lachen hier macht weiter so
  5. Jesus, Ban the Soundesigner! Or a Bug? Sounds like Christmas? Each Update more and more Bugs
  6. https://steamcharts.com/app/578080 stats dont lie. People are bored about the anticheat politics.... bh, wanna try this: https://irdeto.com/news/leveling-the-playing-field-with-denuvo-anti-cheat/
  7. since patch same soundproblem here too
  8. Bh, please ban the Huya Tv and all kind of these chinese cheater!!! Show us a reaction. atm it make no sense to play this game!
  9. sunday with massiv cheater Looks like today is 50% off for cheats... or for free bh, start banning them....
  10. Cheater everywhere! No serious gameplay possible!! Why does the new anticheat dont work??
  11. watched some cheater today. reported...
  12. a lot of cheatsoftware use q and e for no recoilmacro. that is fact. ak with autofire.... looks great...
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