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  1. its a valid reason, but i still think mine is more likely
  2. the reason is.....you guessed it, money. they dont want you buying a skin from someone who stopped playing the game, they want you buying it from the store where they get the majority of the money
  3. didn't say it wasn't, im simply stating PUBS numbers have stayed the same since the change and that anyone claiming numbers have gone up or this has caused more people to play are foolish at best. no conclusions can be drawn until the dust has settled
  4. theres a big difference between not losing players and gaining players. the only thing that can be taken from the stats at this point is that the game isn't losing or gaining players. you cant judge the overall trend of a change until the shiny effect has worn off
  5. as i said, it hasn't gone up and it hasn't gone down (5,500 for pubg is nothing) you make a change, any change and people will look at shiny, if you want to make the claim the loot has brought people back you need to give it time, its like saying vikendi brought people to the game because you saw a 18% rise in the months surrounding it, but it quickly lost those players again and more
  6. https://steamdb.info/app/578080/graphs/ numbers haven't gone up...they also haven't gone down (more than the usual), but they haven't gone up
  7. i honestly dont care what a handful of people who get paid to play games think, also try having a thought of your own instead of parroting other peoples
  8. i dont understand this argument people make in favour of the loot change. no, more people are not playing now than they were before, this change has not brought more people back to the game than have left, this is a clear demonstrable fact.
  9. dont worry i got your were overhyping your inadequacies. my point still stands however, if pre patch you were unable to find the guns / scopes required to win a game when the failing was on you, not the game. i always challenged anyone with a similar opinion to you before the patch to video themselves getting bad loot, not one person would/could personally i've all but stopped playing now, the game is boring as the game has lost its unique appeal. i like deathmatch / team deathmatch games, i just dont like it when BR's turn into them
  10. if you were doing that then you were at fault, not the previous version
  11. if its there its quite simply not working, or not working anywhere close to how it should be, as looking at stats on pubg.op (yes i know outside source but its still accurate) shows that there is a wide range of people getting into any game, also when a game can start within seconds of hitting join how much matchmaking exactly can there be
  12. PUBG has never had at any point a skill based matchmaking system. its always been around region and ping. the matchmaking never went away as you put it, people just got better
  13. as someone who would love a matchmaking system i would just like to throw something out there yes getting 99 other players in your skill bracket is probably not going to happen, thats not what im interested in. what i want is quite simple. the first XXX number of players to hit join (1000 should be reasonable at peak times, as people say they get a game within 10 seconds so thats no more than 100 seconds wait for the very first people) or failing that x minutes from when the first person hits join it starts (all these numbers can be altered for region and local time depending on how active or not it is at that point generally) the highest 100 ranked players are put together, then the next 100 and so on and so on. everyone still gets a game within a reasonable time frame and people are roughly matched together skillwise
  14. you people wanted increased spawns deal with it
  15. the loot already just got boosted so even a blind person can find a good loadout from 4/5 buildings max and your still moaning ?
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