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  1. TheGreatFailure

    Are there any bad players left in PUBG?

    your right it is purely random and there has never been a real matchmaking system, you have always been placed alongside the nearest 99 other people that hit play at the same time you did who chose the same perspective, map and until they removed it region. skill never came into it. you can play against the best player in the world towards the end of a season in your first game and/or other complete novices. not that the current leaderboards are an indication of skill unlike the old leaderboards which were 1000x superior to what we have no.
  2. TheGreatFailure

    Are there any bad players left in PUBG?

    the rock,paper,scissors - chess analogy was obviously exaggerated to make a point, it seems to have gone over your head. the reason there are no competitive TPP games is simple. if you can be in cover completely hidden where the enemy has absolutely no chance of seeing you yet you have a full 360 view of your surrounding area without having to expose any part of your body, that isnt fun if playing in a competitive environment, sure if your playing a public game against people that do sub optimal stuff your going to have fun, but dieing to the first hidden person you encounter quite simply is not fun. its not because TPP dont exist its because they are no suited to a competitive environment the PUBG invitational had 90% streamers and 10% pro players, and all these pro players were the ones pushing and demanding that competitive competitions be FPP only, and they were/are now. if you have to go past people in FPP you can fight your way past if needed TPP is different to FPP yea i agree. i never said there was anything wrong with playing or liking TPP butquite clearly FPP is THE competitive mode
  3. TheGreatFailure

    Are there any bad players left in PUBG?

    whilst technically TPP is just as competitive as FPP in the same way that rock paper scissors is just as competitive as say chess. FPP is clearly the mode in which the majority of people who want to play competitively play because quite simply TPP does not lend itself to a fair fun and balanced game in a competitive setting. whilst im in no doubt there are obviously very good players in TPP you cannot argue against the top players all playing FPP i have nothing against giving TPP ranking and proper matchmaking as well as FPP, it just makes far more sense to give it at the very least to FPP players
  4. TheGreatFailure

    Regarding the Erangel Revamp

    listening to players is one thing, listening to the right players is another. people are asking for what they would personally like to see not what would make the game better, such as making erangel loot like sanhok which would be a mistake
  5. TheGreatFailure

    Are there any bad players left in PUBG?

    yea i agree the numbers say most players play TPP, however the vast majority of competitive players play FPP. its clear that TPP has a more casual playerbase (nothing wrong with that) and FPP has a more competitive playerbase so giving the FPP crowd what they want, matchmaking and a proper ranking system is a sound idea, although theres no need to name the modes so that TPP players feel lesser
  6. TheGreatFailure

    Season 2 extension

    ironic seeing as you started this thread off talking about something you knew nothing about
  7. TheGreatFailure

    Leaderboards and ranking system

    because its not a leaderboard based on skill its only based on playtime
  8. TheGreatFailure

    Only 106K people playing right now.........

    its been like this for a while now, the higher numbers are from asia not the west
  9. TheGreatFailure

    PUBG is in a BAD position atm

    sounds like its a you problem, if you want a fast paced deathmatch style game you have plenty of options, PUBG never was intended to be such a game
  10. TheGreatFailure

    What happened to the active players?

    ive played a total of 2 games since the flare guns came out, where as before i would play maybe 2 games a day on average to me flare guns are shit and totally against the core idea of a battle royale and the battle royale game i bought in early access, every change they seem to make seems to make it harder and harder for me to enjoy the game so i finally stopped. i check these forums about twice a week to see if they will change back but other than that right now im about done with PUBG
  11. TheGreatFailure

    Game now is too much airdrop

    its interesting that the people posting in favour of this change have to first insult or try to belittle people who dont like the change, if you cant make a case for your opinion without doing this then its probably not an opinion worth listening to. personally the amount of high end gear that people have in the end game is now staggering, so your chances of winning a game without it i feel take a sharp decrease now which in turns makes you feel forced to go for a drop. forcing players down one path makes the game less tactical and because of that (and all the people wanting to play a battle royale game like a deathmatch game) my interest has almost come to a complete stop
  12. TheGreatFailure

    Flare gun feedback

    i'll reserve judgement until i see it in action, but the way to increase mid game action isn't to make end game action worse by killing off however many players go for 1 drop
  13. im in EU and can get into a game on any map in any mode in under a minute. the people who want to die quickly have maps designed for just that, the people who want a more tactical game have just that. you can play any map you want. you can play the first 2 maps anytime you want, in the way that made PUBG as popular as it was. what your asking for is for the game to change to suit you, despite having 2 maps designed for just the type of game your asking for
  14. it does not matter if im playing solo, duo or squad. i can always equip myself with a good loadout on erangel. anyone who claims they cant is looting wrong. if you want plenty of loot and instant action you have 2 maps for that, if you want a slower paced game you have 2 maps for that. stop trying to change every single aspect of the game to suit your owns needs especially when both the last 2 recent maps catered towards people who like to die fast edit * just watched the clip literally within 30 seconds of landing someone is calling out an AR for someone else, isolated incident and everything but that just goes to show to stupidity of the loot is bad argument
  15. TheGreatFailure

    Loot on erangel

    the devs can state that there is flying dragons in the game, it doesn't make it true either. they provide no proof either to back up this claim, they claim that not getting good loot means your running around with SMGs 4 times out of 5. which even for the people complaining here is simply not true. this is not evidence, it might be evidence of what the devs want to do with the map but it isn't evidence of what is actually happening right now. those numbers are quite simply not correct you will find an AR more or less every time you play the map and not 1 in 5 like what is stated in the video