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  1. my effects are very low and this still happens. do we have anything new? for christ's sake can 1 thing work well in this game?
  2. Bluehole you suck. How many things can you get wrong? And on top of that we dont even have the ability to add the people we play with on steam. unfathomable how bad this company is.
  3. Yeah that is the exact same issue i'm having the difference is i've never had such a huge freeze like the one you showed. mine are usually a bit smaller but super frustrating nonetheless. they always get me killed as well.
  4. This has been an issue for the past few months perhaps ever since the 1.0 update. It comes and goes. When it happens, it's like this: every time you try to engage someone in short-range gunfights, the game freezes for like 1 whole second. obviously this causes you to die most of the time since you lose a whole freaking second. Many people have posted clips of this if someone can do that here as well it would help.
  5. In the erangel lobby, where people can pick up guns, some fucking idiots take up crossbows and shoot you in the eyes with them. The goddamn crossbow bolts then procede to be stuck there impeding your vision for THE REST OF THE DAMN GAME. For christ's sake. Fix it.
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