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  1. Since the last update my friends and I have been getting a lot of crashes after we die and exit to lobby. Have also been seeing more random crashes in game.
  2. @PUBG_Sheepy Please help! its been almost 5 months. Can you check and see if it is on the known bugs list?
  3. The dead bodies are making footstep sounds, sometimes for a minute or so after the kill. It makes it really hard to tell if someone is sneaking up on you or if it is the dead body. I have also noticed that sometimes in spectate mode I can hear the dead bodies making footstep sounds, but my partner that is still playing does not. Makes it really hard to give call outs accurately. If you are experiencing the same issue please respond so that we can get something done about this. I know that everyone I play with has same sound bug.
  4. Error: Servers are too busy at the moment.... Please try again later. All the streamers are getting same error, So I know it isn't just me
  5. Sheepy please remind the devs of this bug again. I am still having this issue. All they need to do is clear the all keyboard inputs on the close of the inventory. // flushes the standard input // (clears the input buffer) while ((getchar()) != '\n'); I open inventory then press quantity control button "L Shift". Since "L Shift" is also my ingame PTT and freelook the code gets this input and it is never cleared once closing the inventory. It is as if the Inventory Quantity control code if preventing the "L Shift" press from being cleared. So now after i loot i am walking and sideways and unable to shoot my gun and talking in game. I an begging! please fix! it has been 4 months now and this is such a simple fix.
  6. @PUBG_Sheepy this is still an issue for me and others. Do you think they can fix this during the 4 hour maint. today? Seems like a pretty simple code fix. If you let me see the code for this i can fix in less than 15 minutes.
  7. @PUBG_Sheepy 1. I use the "SHIFT" button for my inventory quantity control/ Freelook/ and in game PTT. After I loot for some reason the game acts as if my "SHIFT" button is pressed. When I close the inventory my character is now in freelook, and my PTT is active as if i was holding down the "SHIFT" button. If I tap the "SHIFT" button again everything goes back to normal. The issue above is the one that is still happening, It is the one described in the video above. The others have been fixed for the most part. I have had my jump button quit working but its only happened twice in the last 40ish games, so that isn't that big of a deal
  8. I am still having this issue @PUBG_Sheepy . Not trying to be a pest about it, but just wanted to make sure you are aware it still exists almost 2 mos after initial posting. One of the Devs already knows how to fix this, because I had this issue a while back and it only lasted for a few days before they patched it. Thanks for the info @avoideray . The bind that I am having issues with do not offer the option of "hold" or "toggle" so that is not the issue for me. The problem is the Devs need to fix the code so that it will release the inventory control button after using it. To me it seems like it should be a easy problem to trace down, if someone really wanted to.
  9. Squads, Duos, Quick join, Sanhok. Everything I try isn't working. Have to wait 5-10 minutes for a match. Did everyone leave the game or is it just broke?
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