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  1. Was just playing a game and the final few circles ended up just north-northwest of Pecado in an area with enormous rocks where it was impossible to climb from any direction other than East. I was on the south side and died simply because there was no path up, and I couldn't get around to a viable path without going outside of the blue and killing myself, which is what I ultimately tried to do. It made for a very disappointing and uninteractive finish.
  2. If you reload the R1895 with a starting state of 4 shells, there is no reload animation (on the test server)
  3. Hate to say it but it wasn't a bug that screwed you over, but rather your failure to plan ahead for that possibility
  4. Today I changed my vehicle seat change binds to shift+1 and shift+2, and I noticed I couldn't switch weapons (using 1 and 2) while sprinting (using shift). However, I was outside a vehicle, so the shift+1/shift+2 binds should not have had any effect, but it seems they are taking precedence and preventing me from switching weapons like I normally could before In the past, I could never use 1/2 to change weapons while walking (using ctrl), and this explains why. The default bind for vehicle seat changing is ctrl+1 and ctrl+2, and these were again blocking my attempts to switch weapons while walking, despite me not being in a vehicle
  5. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuperAnimatedOxDancingBanana See above clip for illustration. This bug used to happen to me frequently before the last monthly patch, mostly in warmup, after which it hadn't happened again until today. The effect is that for the rest of the game, you move at the speed as if you were crouch-walking, even when in full sprint. I think the cause is something to do with buggy object collisions (player + environment or player+player, or both as you can see in the above clip)
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