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  1. I've got this issue with voicechat; one game it works, and then the next round it totally doesn't work or i can only hear people but my voice isn't picked up/transmitted. i've always got the settings like this: Unmuted voice, voice to team/squad only, always send. In a few games i managed to get it working again by looping a few times trough un/mute and the voice channels, but most of the time when it fails it's not fixable... and then the next round everything works fine again, while playing with exactly the same squad. IF the sound fails, it's only in pubg, using steam overlay to create a private voicechat still works fine if the game voice fails, so it's not my hardware or windows who is letting me down, it's the game. Now lately it's become more and more that the voice often doesn't work and sometimes works; like 1/3 of the games it seems to work... If playing with a fixed group then there's not really an issue as we can use discord or steam voice. but when playing with a team of 3 then there is an issue since the 4th player, designated by matchmaking, cannot hear us. I really hope that they fix the voice, especially since good communication is crucial in this game; in solo it's not needed, but when playing with duo's or squads then voice really is important. Mayb anybody got an idea on how to fix this problem?
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