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  1. I think there is a mutually beneficial thing between game makers, the cheaters, and Steam. The cheaters get to win and when they get banned the game makers and steam get paid again when they buy a new account. The game is ridiculous to play right now in 3rd person. As long as the Chinese are awake, I am being cheated. If I play during mid day I get cheated less. I have 2000 hours in game and this is the worst it has been yet. There are things that consoles do to prevent cheating that would absolutely work here(hardware bans). Please get this sorted out. It is not only this game, but most Steam games that have this issue. It is absolutely easy to pick out the cheaters if you watch them in the kill cam or just replay the footage. They fire in a direct line, snap onto targets, look directly at teams all the time when those teams are kilometers away behind hills/walls, etc. STOP GIVING THEM 2 DAY BANS AS A SLAP ON THE WRIST. - Hardware bans needed(I played Xbox for years. Hardware bans are most effective. These should be passed down from Steam as well) - Region lock players - EULA Update for Steam to lockout accounts completely for players caught cheating on any game(this is where they lose their money; It should ban them from all games/trading/selling items)
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