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  1. I play from Oceania and am completely unable to play the game. No matter what day, or what time i play the game i am forced into Asian or South East Asian servers which give me unplayable levels of ping. The excuse for not allowing me on the Oceanic servers is a low number of active players. However there are many private communities in Oceania dedicated to bringing private servers to Oceanic players who still want to play, many of these communities have over 5k active members. This leads me to believe that there are still very many players looking to play the game, which makes their argument that the player count is too low to allow us on the Oceanic servers seem rather ridiculous. All this makes me think that Pubg does not want to foot the bill for the Oceanic servers because of the small player base when compared to other regions.
  2. Playing from Oceania. Thought i would check out pubg and see if just maybe the game would let me play in my own regions servers again, to no avail. After researching a small amount i discovered a number of Oceanic communities dedicated to bringing private servers to players in the region still interested in playing. This leads me to believe that there is still a large enough Oceanic community that enjoy pubg and want to play, that simply are unable to. Which makes their reasoning for not running the Oceanic servers questionable (Not enough players to start a game). Instead i think it costs them too much money to run the servers, for what they believe to be too small a group of players. Now i am forced to wonder if Brendan Greene does not think we are worth having our own servers.
  3. I joined a game and my name was set to #unknown, my character changed to a male and was given douche hair. Also I was wearing my character's clothes. In game it said "#UNKNOWN has killed **** with ****" meaning other players saw my name as #unknown Screenshot to confirm I ended up winning the game, i got the points but the win does not show up in my stats. to be clear my steam name is not unknown. t
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