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  1. Edit: This mostly happened when using the ALT key to look around. The so called "beems" were flickering all the time.
  2. Hello, Today i encountered this: I was player and saw some strange "beems" upon the sky. I noticed that it origin were a few players. So the beems just spotted like 2 out of 4 enemies for me, while i havent even noticed them before. I was wondering if this could get fixed. Im not using any scripts, hacks or whatsoever and i like fairplay. Thats why im posting this so it can be fixed to make the game more fair. Thanks in advance Devs! Grtz
  3. You just aim too high. 100m zeroing is fine. Its like a lot of scopes irl and NOT 50m. The reason you missing here is that you aim too high. Try torso hits and you maybe hit him in the face.
  4. While i was waiting on the hills i found a guy walking near buildings. Since i was using a 8x scope it was easy to follow him. I hit the guy at least 1 or 2 times but unfortunately it didnt killed him. He then hid in the building on the first floor far right window. First he didnt knew where the shooting was comming from. Then he started moving with his head out of the wall. So i made like 3 headshots but it gave me the wall hit effect instead of blood. He then knew where i was and just ran off.
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