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  1. I've had one out for over a week now with zero responses but thanks..
  2. Problem at hand : Finish mission > Click Claim > error please try again later > refresh lobby > repeat Click Claim and same error > restart game and item says acquired > go to customize and skins not there anywhere. View thread link below for another guy who had same problem that made a tiny clip of it. I've made a thread about this and put in a ticket and zero response as to why it happens. Also have not seen any helpful threads or staff posts about the issue. Just google search "pubg rewards not being claimed" look at all the complaints and they are mostly from the Sanhok premium pass 6 months ago. Why is this still a problem pubg? If someone is buying your items your support needs to be better this is messed up. How long does it take an open ticket to get a single reply? Its been a week for me so far. Look at this guy in the other thread I created, fix this bug. https://forums.pubg.com/topic/321475-cannot-claim-vikendi-rewards/?tab=comments#comment-1161392 If anyone out there has these same issues and has got some staff help to fix this please reply here with any information on the topic. I'm not very happy and neither are many others out there that paid for items and you cannot claim them. I also read on some 6 month old threads people got their items after 1 to 2 days that had this bug during the Sanhok event pass. Well its been 3 weeks for me for my m416 skin. 😠
  3. Musta

    Cannot claim Vikendi Rewards

    Wtf , their support system sucks too. Put in ticket 5 days ago. In that time on a game like this you should get a reply. So you purchased another item and it isn't giving you the item, great..
  4. Musta

    Cannot claim Vikendi Rewards

    What is happening to you in your clip is exactly what happened to me. Error message "please try again later" been a day now still no reply on ticket, heard it came take a while to get a response.
  5. Musta

    Cannot claim Vikendi Rewards

    Not for me, I was out of town a few days came back still don't have the skin and its not in my steam inventory. I just put in a ticket.
  6. Musta

    Cannot claim Vikendi Rewards

    Its not a purchased item so it will not be in the steam store. Yes you spend $10.00 on the premium pass package but the skins I've got already and from previous Sanhok pass automatically go into your customize tab section after you hit claim. This one did not for some reason. I looked into the support page there that you linked, and did not see a proper place to seek help for this specific issue the other day.
  7. Musta

    Cannot claim Vikendi Rewards

    ah whatever I call m4 , m4 in game . So yes to be precise it is the arctic digital m416 skin from the premium rewards mission for getting 10 kills in castle on Vikendi map 10 different times.
  8. Musta

    Cannot claim Vikendi Rewards

    Ah I feel better I am not alone , sorry you are having this issue too. I don't know where else to post for some real help. I did not see an area to post to forum staff privately so I posted here. Would love to get us some help from pubg staff or anyone else who has experienced this and maybe got it fixed somehow.
  9. Musta

    Cannot claim Vikendi Rewards

    nope... hope nobody is that stupid. I did that the second I opened up the mission tab again after completing it.
  10. Musta

    Cannot claim Vikendi Rewards

    Hello, I have completed the required missions 10/10 for kills in Castle on Vikendi and acquired the Arctic digital M4 skin yet when I go to customize and weapons / AR's section ( assault rifles ) it is not available there. Is anyone else having this issue?
  11. bump for fix your game!
  12. Musta

    Voice Chat Not Working?

    LOL what a dumb response. If we are playing with randoms which I do all the time in squads I am not going to take 5 minutes to get everyone on the team in a discord channel and neither will the other random players I pug with. I solo queue to interact / have fun with people or at least try to. But not being able to communicate in game is unacceptable. You cannot just write a response saying "find some other way to communicate" just fix your broken game.