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  1. Movement patterns of characters We have all been there, where an enemy just pops up, wide body peeking you or leaning really clunky out from a rock or tree. When it comes to the readability and movement patterns of characters in this game, there not much in betweens, it is very stiff. The upper and lower body are off in many scenarios and the legs can get bent funny in various situations, making your shots go right through. I can not wait for an animation, responsiveness and posing overhaul of this game. Stiffness of the patterns, too few movement poses is something that was okay for the beta. But the finished product? I think not. Animation responsiveness, fluidity vs rigid movements The playing a little train on a rail feel, the characters feels more like a small vehicle you manouver in game, not an actual survivor trying to escape or survive situations of battle. When pushing movement buttons, the responsiveness and synching is off and often gives you that clunky, rigid feel where you loose alot of immersion of actually being that character in game. As if you throttle a vehicle a bit and it slides forward. All these movements have been accepted from our side of things when this game was in Beta stages, but somehow this important side of things, that can actually make a big difference have been forgotten? Put aside? I know you guys can achieve better on these points. Far better. I know it. Gameplay response of different actions Jumping / Switching weapons / Drinking an energy drink and taking a painkiller while laying down, the upper body may twist in awkward ways. I feel there is something that does not synch correctly with the hitboxes and the character itself along with animation movement. Would love a PUBG youtube video on how the hitbox system works, animations synced with audio, movement vs gameplay checks. Because something is way of when it comes to the responsiveness of the game here. I belive that an overhaul and quality of life update focusing on these things would be great for the game in general. How I wish for new unequip jumps when the characters does not look as stiff, variation in the animations as well, switching weapons differently, jumping a bit differently each time or running or beginning with another leg or arm or even a leaning of the upper body a bit more differently. This could create a more organic and real feeling to the game. It will add alot of credabilty overall. Sound & animation synchronization Many times, you have the sound skip and miss footplants when you do not wear any shoes. Why do you feel like alot of people are skipping their shoes? I believe it is because there are something clitchy with running barefoot on different materials in this game. The shoes frequency seems to be more robust and registers easier while the barefoot does sound off or not at all sometimes. I feel that a sound journey of the game would be great for a pubg youtube video also. To let the players know how much sound you make on different materials, vs range and stances. And how wonderful it would be if this game can synch with the movement and hit registration as well in the future. Would be a dream. Please pubg, consider a huge animation, sound & movement responsiveness / poses overhaul to make this game go from Beta at this stage to a Full throttle feel of a stabil product. Alot of the things mentioned may be considered as a great and lucrative update in the future of this game. And I feel that if you do focus on this, that the game will be more fit for both esport and a more solid game experience overall. I really would love to see the game get that polish and finishing touches. Thanks for reading and taking this feedback into the team.
  2. The Loot crates & the different season passes still remind me of the harsh grind on different MMOs. Tera as an example. After 1500 hours played, I have been talking to alot of friends who have played around 1000-2000 hours and we all can agree that pubg is still too grindy when it comes to balance of loot percentage in crates and the different season passes. Reaching the areas of 4000 points and above, to achieve 5000+ rank is where most of us really loose interest of the game. It aint simply worth the time investment and this is where most of the game dies off and we get bored. It feels like we play so much but gain so little out of it in the end of the ranks and the loot crates and bp feels utterly useless. We feel that if there is a huge overhaul of loot crates and bp balance, ramping up the feeling of worth of the crates can do alot of the community and fashionistas out there in the pubg world. When it comes to the ranks, we feel that the latest season pass, the wild card was a good start in the right direction for balance of missions and challenges and would love to see more weapon challenges with more hefty and juicy unique skins, and not just the same across all. It really feels like a lazy move. The ranks can be tuned down a bit more to make it a bit easier and more rewarding to win games and also get into top 10 situations in the game, the rank points can be buffed a bit more to give us players that feeling of a reward after each match. Best regards and thanks for reading this feedback folks. Cheers!
  3. Yeah, agreed. This have given me some cheap kills in this game for a long time now but also gotten me sour fast and gotten me killed alot of times also.
  4. Hello, sorry for the late answer. That have happened to me also. However in this case it was without any disconnection in between. The weapon showed 0 and still did after many times of reloading. As you said it seems to resolve itself if you switch weapons. But in many cases you do not have the time for that. Wish they could resolve this issue, because it sure is not only frustrating, but creates alot of confusion if you reload and believe you are done and you run into gun fights with zero bullets in your chamber. Small bugs like this that are so close to gameplay should be a prio. I have seen it happen a few times lately, not only on my QBZ, but also on M4 and AK.
  5. The animations and movement of this game have hold a great level of detail, for being in early access. However after this period, not much have changed to the posing, posture and movement of the characters in this game. The level of detail could be so much more and I feel it is possible to work on this to bring a more solid feel to the game overall. The main idle animation is okay in the lobby and I do like the standing relaxed animation here. This is not apparent in game whatsoever and I would like to see this as a more chill idle animation in game as well. The whole chicken butt stiff pose in game is horrible. Would love to see more variations here in the idle. A better idle animation pose in game, make the players feel more personal and diverse from eachother. The main posture was fine for beta or early access stage, not for a finished cool product as of today. When it comes to in game animations, opening, closing doors, running up stairs or moving, sneaking or snaking. I believe the animations here can be taken to the next level and above. Some more fluid and responsive movement would do this game good. Many times it is glitchy and stiff movement that throws alot of players off, including myself when it comes to visual feedback in the game today. Visual feedback is key in a game like this and I am convinced that putting more efforts and resources into animation department would do wonders I tell ya! Emotes should have hand animated as well and not just some limbs, it looks really cheap as of now and need more level of detail to really spice it up! Fiddling with your charm on your gun or doing some trick animations with different guns in game, could be amazing to see in game as variations or emotes If the player stands still with a pan on their back, after a while the player character does a smacking the pan on "dink dink!" to ensure it is there to keep you save through the battles ahead! Would love that! I truly loved the animations from the days of Tera, and I still do. More personal feel and more fun factor animations could really spice and bring more life into pubg as well. Even tho it is counted as a realistic game and shooter. That should not keep it from being fun, to be able to add some more jokes in there and lighten up the mood for your fellow players. Thank you so much for reading this feedback on movement and animations. Best regards
  6. Played Sanhok today in Duos and was rocking the QBZ. Suddenly when I started reloading after a fight, the gun reloaded perfectly but when I started shooting again, it clicked on me. I reloaded it again, and still it clicked. I tried doing this many times over, throwing mags all over the place and it still clicked on me. I changed my weapon and picked it up again, tried to reload it again, now it suddenly worked again. It does not happen often to me, but when it does, it is scary! Ghost of a weapon. Thanks you for reading this, Best regards
  7. Initial landing from the parachute down to the ground have been a huge mystery for most players, sometimes you sit there and end up leaning back in your chair because you took over half damage from landing on a little ledge that was not taller than your own grandmother. Facepalms and well well, gotta find me some meds here. Thing is, it is a huge question mark for me til this day. Sometimes the initial landing can be extremely high up and you do not take any damage from falling whatsoever. Sometimes the landing can be slow and you get stuck on a little ledge and end up dying from some sort of velocity dmg? I am not sure here. To take an example from todays games. I love landing in Ruins on Sanhok. The top structure on ruins is built by the devil I tell you. Try doing some landings there and make the initial landing on the upper ledges there. Many times over I start rolling and when it is not that high up. I usually take half my hp or even more sometimes. It is quite frustrating starting off a round like that because some glitchy ledges or as I believe, some velocity vs structure wrong calculations? I am curious what is taken in consideration of the initial landing from parachutes. Because sometimes you can come down fast and rather high up and you will be fine. And sometimes you come in slow and not that high up and you take loads of dmg. That is why I was thinking if it has to do with structures and how they react to the whole parachute thing? Thanks for reading my report and enigmatic thoughts around this, Best regards
  8. Adaptable loot? Hmmm, using what you find and actually getting use of more things you find as a player? Yes, I would like that... so that would mean I do not spend as much time looting? Hmmm using more yes. I hope the new loot balances take this into account in the future of pubg. I feel that pubg did a great job on making the attachment more streamlined and being able to use more of it so what a player loot does not go to waste. I would love to see the dev team take this further with making the attachments, especially the tactical stock avaible on more existing guns and future guns as well. Would love to see grips and tactical stocks on the AK, perhaps not on the classic AK47? But the AK74u would be an AK that I would love to see come to PUBG as well as the P90 SMG. The whole class of Assault Rifles, would love to see a more so called sub class to Assault Rifles, more tiny versions like the AK74u is a great example of that. Still AR but in quick small package that can be upgraded into this beast of a weapon late game. Thank you so much for reading, Best regards
  9. Great idea to be able to save outfits and fast switch between them. When it comes to costumes, clothing and all things skin / customizeable items. I have personally longed for new underwears and more fresh content! Would love to customize more. A great way of making players feel like they have even more personalized characters is to develop the mastery system further as well with more bling fun on top of their guns.
  10. Hello PUBG and Forum fellows! I am not sure if this is UI specific or gameplay. Feels like a mixture of both. I have recreated this bug many times now with my friends and it is a fact. Every time that we throw out ammo boxes and are going to take a certain amount from that box, but the other player take up the whole box first, you on the other hand is only left with the slider box, and if you move the slider, the game crashes down to desktop instantly. The ammo boxes we tried was 9mm, 7.6, 5.5 ammo and .45 ammo. So the bug goes, If a player picks up any ammo box before you pick up a certain amount using your slider, the game will crash. The box needs to be taken up first and leave the other player with only the slider left, if you move it. Crash occurs every single time. Best regards Bug Hunter
  11. For a long time now, Custom games have been great fun playing with fellow friends and streamers. Feedback regarding the Custom Games would be to have a little Preset Library of 10 save slots for different settings to preload. It would really optimize time. Also would be great to preload and just switch a few things up and jump right into the custom game action. Please PUBG take a look at this and add this in the near future. It really buys alot of time for the custom games. Cheers! ❤️
  12. First off, the Aim of the Game. This have been annoying to me and for many people for a long time now. Choco also describes it here in a short clip. If it is intentional or not we do not yet know. The ADS is slightly off and can really turn things around when you engage and start shooting. When it comes to desync and shooting. For instance, even tho you shoot someone first, the enemy player can hit you, aim punch you and it will effect your shot even tho you shot before getting aimpunched, making the whole experience totally flipped, which is broken in many ways. Please PUBG take a look at this matter... Also Please take a look at how shots register and let shots register after a person dies. I would really like bullets to register ever tho you die making it possible to get ties in game.
  13. Hello again! I have been thinking about the game earlier today when I watched through some streams on Twitch. First off, you guys have the real awsome battle royale feeling in the game, a more stylish realistic approach which I really love. Art direction and color, artwork, enviroment and characters could be worked on more to improve and create an even more punch to them to appeal even more. Overall I feel that the maps is dull looking? Is the enviroment too real? or is it just a bit bland and damped down? Some days I feel like the maps gets boring because most of it look boring to the eye. Modes, I would love to see more work on the Zombie mode, new animations and alot more content for that mode and not have it as a skin change on the characters only. Way too thin and way too boring as of now. New modes. With all the hackers and flying cars lately I must say that you at the studio should consider to use this to your advantage. Instead of having the hackers and flying cars and all that in the game. Create fun unrealistic and over the top silly modes like "MAYHEM" , "Fly Car Mayhem" <--- Inspired thoughts from Carmaggeddon, loads of guns and custom vehicles and just crazy stuff. All of this would be so fun to play and witness and totally something else from the real game. Modding in the future will make this game really great I feel. I would also be stoked to see some old school modes like Conquest or Capture The Flag in this game also! Would be great to have also! "One shot gun" - Mode where you jump and score, fast paced mode for War Mode. Have loads of tips and tricks and funny modes on list, but leave you with this for now. Thanks for pushing through the negative feedback and keeping it real PUBG. The upcoming updates after PGI MUST be good now in order to show the player base that you guys talk real and that you deliver on your promises but also, most of all, cut away the excuses upon excuses and DARE to be more transparent with the players will do good in the long run! First off, the game is hurting and I feel the servers and stability must be worked on. I am confident that most players want that Smooth Gameplay Feel to the game. I believe! Ps: Great work Hawkinz and the people here on the forum! And Greene, go all in with new amazing stuff for the game in the near future, for the upcoming games later this year will really make PUBG SWEAT for real if you guys don't manage to keep your players. ❤️
  14. Hello PUBG, I would like to give feedback on the Shift, Hold Breath dynamic. As it plays out it have only created frustration and interruption in my play and for many others I have heard it creates confusion and people get really annoyed by how easy you can loose it in rounds of play. The only safe way to get a hold breath action is to combine it with your aim down sight or directly after. 1. You can not move and aim down sight, the hold breath won't register. 2. You can not be running and try to aim down sight fast and get the hold breath smoothly, because you have to hit that butting while you stand perfectly still. 3. The Hold breath indicator have been lost and now only shows when you lost your breath. It should always be up for the player to spot their Lung capacity while holding the key! 1. Please make it so that we players can just hold in the button so that when we do aim down sight, the hold breath will FOLLOW that action. Right now the game feels staggered and stiff in so many ways... like we have to run, stop right click , shift click to hold breath. It is so many useless steps to achieve something that should be Second Nature to a FPS experience in general. Too many steps into your desired action can really hinder the player from performing. 2. With over 800 hours of play, I can honestly say that so many other shooters does this better. 3. For the upcoming patch please make it so the hold breath action really feels like a seamless action. Best regards, Holdbreath Snipe, Headshot!
  15. As Chibbs say here. Alot of people are reporting that there is something seriously wrong with reviving teammates. Some people are getting revived and still are stuck in the downed state of the animation for a damn while before popping up. Others report that they can not move when they have been revived.
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