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  1. I'm not sure but to me that looks more like artifacts caused by your graphics card. Overheating, running out of memory, something like that. I've got some flickering textures but nothing like what's going on on your video. For me, it's always some side of a building with a mural or half-broken bricks or something, and not all over the screen.
  2. Minor usability issue (though I suppose this could also be intentional) but still worth a report, I think: when you're looking for players to add to your team and hit the refresh button in the menu, the game always seems to reset the tab to "Recent" which can get kind of annoying when you're waiting for a friend to reach the lobby and keep hitting refresh while on the "Friends" tab (and then need to tab back to "Friends" after each refresh). No biggie, just thought I'd mention. Oh, here's a brief video of it in action:
  3. I am confused. Could someone clarify the below video to me because it sure seems like a bug to me: how can it take 8(!) hits with an assault rifle from close range to finish off an enemy that I just knocked out a second before the clip begins? I mean... 8 hits! With an assault rifle! From like 25 meters. Wtf? The video has been slowed down by 90% to make counting the hits easier.
  4. There seems to be a small inconsistency in the way the game behaves if a player is looting items during a weapon reload, depending on how the item is being looted: 1. If a player hits "F" to pick up an item from the ground while reloading a weapon - weapon reload is interrupted and item gets picked up 2. If a player opens up inventory and drags an item from the ground to inventory - weapon reload is interrupted and item gets picked up 3. If a player opens up inventory and right-clicks on an item on the ground to pick it up - weapon reload continues normally and item gets picked up. See the video below.
  5. I just came across this issue today and died because of it: my S686 refused to fire. Tried 3 or 4 times before being knocked out. See video below (everytime I "zoom in", it means I tried to fire - I always hold down right mouse button when firing a shotgun, to make the shots more accurate. You can see this on the video.) EDIT: I run the game fullscreen.
  6. I've had the same issue; need to drop something from inventory before being able to drop an attached mag directly to the ground - game complains I have no room for that. When trying to drop the attachment. On the ground.
  7. Tried with (laptop) speakers, 3.5mm jack headset, and USB headset. No difference.
  8. Sometimes, while spectating a friend, the audio channels get reversed i.e. the spectating player hears sounds coming from the left as if they were coming from the right, and vice versa. I'm pretty sure I have this on video somewhere (since I record all my games) but didn't find an appropriate clip right away. I'll post a video as a reply if I can find one where this happens. Some system specs etc details here: Date Seen:Intermittently. Not sure if there is a way a player can reproduce this issue at will. Server: Live. Error Message: No error messages. Other Information: No idea, happens so intermittently. Troubleshooting Attempted: Not sure what I could do about this. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: 64-bit Windows 8.1 Graphics Card: GTX1080 CPU: i7-4790K Ram: 24GB
  9. I get this same issue on my laptop (ASUS ROG G752VS - i7-6700HQ, GTX1070, 16GB RAM, 64-bit W10 Home) but NOT on my desktop (ASUS Z97-Pro motherboard, i7-4790K, GTX1080, 24GB RAM, 64-bit W8.1).
  10. There seems to be a small issue regarding the game modes: When playing solo, the FPP mode does not persist between matches - it must always be reselected after every match, or you will end up in the 3rd person cheat mode. In both duo and squad games the FPP mode does persist between matches so this only seems to affect the solo mode.
  11. We seem to come across invisible parachutes every now and then as well. Don't have any video clips available right now but we've run into people in places where there's no way they could've landed before us without us noticing.
  12. If that is true then there's definitely a bug there because I've died so many times to a single shot to the face from an AR with a lvl2 helmet I can't even begin to count the times.
  13. There seems to be a small issue with the sandbuggy (rear) suspension: it's extending way higher than the actual graphics of the vehicle and causing shots to be blocked. You can see the issue in action in the video linked below (video slowed down by 80%). Some points to consider: my distance from the other player on the video was something like 30m and my scope zeroing was set to 100m which means that the bullets were (supposedly) flying higher than where the center point was aimed at - yet, the first 2 (head)shots were blocked by the vehicle (way lower than where I aimed). EDIT: Note that while the other player's gun barrel is clearly visible in the video, also his first 5 or 6 shots were blocked by the vehicle.
  14. Really? Expecting an answer within 5 hours and getting angry when you don't get one? Maybe you just need to chill the f out. Just sayin'
  15. My very first chicken dinner was thanks to a bandage. I was inside the bunker, the only other player was on top of me, outside the bunker. I was at the very center of the last blue circle when it shrank to nothingness and as soon as I could, I used a bandage, which made me last one tick longer than the other player and I won. And, as MrHappyPenguin stated, you can stay alive with first aid kits (haven't tried with med kits after they changed the time to use them to 8 seconds) for as long as you have them.
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