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  1. The increase of sniper rifles killed it for me
  2. I've always liked that it was choppy, no matter what the root cause is. I was happy as heck in AA when they removed the ability to jump and shoot. Very gratifying taking out a bunny hopper 😀
  3. There is dynamic rain and fog on Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. It will not be raining or foggy all of the time across the entire map. The rain/fog will move in and then move on to another area. It's random as far as if you get one of the three conditions: Sunny, Sunset, Rainy/Foggy.
  4. It's a choppy mechanic in the Unreal Engine anyway. It was bad in America's Army in the early-mid 2000's and still is in this engine.Better off not trying it at all.
  5. Been running pretty steady myself, but I just recently upgraded my CPU/Mainboard/Memory/GPU.
  6. Just finished a round of Solo and the final two wound up being two players just driving circles in the APC's. Was wondering how long it would take before I saw it. Just did. IMHO - It's useful in Duo, but it's real sweet spot is in Squad play. In both of those, at least people can work together to focus fire on it to bring it down. In Solo, you risk giving away your position by doing so. Just wondering what you guys think?
  7. Fortnite (UE4 engine) ran better than PUBG. Of course, there is a reason: Epic, who makes the engine and also developed Fortnite, had to make engine-wife improvements in order to support 100 players on a large map with large scale combat. (LINK) PUBG did not have this luxury. That being said, Fortnite still experiences desync, lag, stutters, hackers, etc All things considered, PUBG pulled off something the UE4 engine was never intended to do. And it did it before the engine developer did with fewer tools than Epic had as well.
  8. The first issue with PUBG is the engine. All of the problems people complain about have been issues with this engine since I played Unreal 1 in 1998. Desync, lag, netcode, cheats, optimizations, etc etc. Every Unreal Engine game I've played since has had these problems to some degree. After 18 years of playing games on this engine, I guess I'm just used to it.
  9. When it comes to snipers - stop, listen, look, and flank My own system worked against me last night. I was working on a guy with my Kar98. The distance was a bit too far for a 4X, but I decided to have fun with it anyway. Another player listened to my shots, quietly came up on my flank, and dumped a magazine into me. He was slow walking in crouch and I never heard him. Good for him, he did it right and I applauded him for his great execution of both the tactics and me. Think of the circle size of the scope. When a sniper is scoping in, their view is limited to that little circle. Anything outside of it is not going to be seen. Exploit that.
  10. They do a lot more than that. The one that comes with Voicemeter is rudimentary and poor in performance. Here's a good explanation of how compressors really work: http://www.lydmaskinen.dk/forumpics/compression101.pdf If you're using voicemeter, use a good compressor plug-in and leave the stock one off.
  11. Just played our first round on Vikendi since the update to check out if it indeed has killed the game. Yup. SMG's and SR/DMR's everywhere. Scopes galore too. Since I suck w/ the 8X, I didn't pick one up. My partner did. We also both had 6X's, 4X's, and a 3X on each of our secondaries. Only saw two AR's. A G36 and an AK. Couldn't move 3 feet without the sound of M24's, Kar98's, Mini14's, etc going off. I don't think I heard a single AR in auto go off. So, for those players who absolutely HAVE to have a SR/DMR - then they should only play Vikendi. Maybe if they're all in that map, they'll shut up about not having enough SR/DMR's on the other maps and the rest of us can actually have some intense mid to close range engagements in the mid game.
  12. Gonna chime in here since, in training, I was on the receiving end of a flashbang cuz our Gunny Sgt was a sarcastic dick lol There's no screaming. You literally can't do anything for about 5-8 seconds. You can't even think during that time. If you were looking at the grenade or any white walls in the room, you're white blinded for a few seconds. After that, your vision is blurred as you try to focus in on something. Your equilibrium goes bye-bye for a few seconds as well. The concussion from the blast in an enclosed space affects the inner ear and causes this. Some people just stand in one spot while others dropped to their knees. I saw two vomit. No one screamed until after the effects were wearing off. Then it was only profanity. As far as deployment, I never deployed a flashbang solo. It was always part of a team who was ready at the entrance . Within a second of the door being breached (usually by shotgun), three things happened very rapidly and fluidly (ie - within the next 2 seconds😞 Door breacher starts moving off to his side Team member with a flashbang at the ready throws the flash grenade into the room (NOTE: This team member's weapon was hanging at his side by his sling. It was not in his hand pointing into the air. Both hands were used to maintain positive control of the flashbang to avoid accidental discharge that would impair the team). All team members would walk briskly into the room, weapons raised, in single file. The door breacher would follow and then team member would deployed the flashbang would follow him in. Hollywood and video game studios make using any type of grenade look easy. Ignore them. My suggestion is the following, but it will require a new animation be made & tested. So it would not be an immediate addition to the game: When a player selects a flash or smoke grenade, their weapon is dropped to their side instead of being put back on their shoulder. This will reduce redeployment of that weapon by 50-60% of what it is now. For frag grenades, leave it as it is.
  13. I like the random movements of your AI there What if you took the random movements away and made them scripted. What would be the resource drain if you have a few run one direction, stop, turn around at a scripted point, and run back. They take hits, but do not get killed, so no respawn mechanic will be at work.
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