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    I think the pinging was over-nerfed

    This is how it used to work: - You could ping anything. - A marker would be visible in the ingame world (aka 3d marker) showing the exact position. This marker disappeared after some seconds. - The marker would also be visible on the compass and map. This marker did not disappear. New system: - You can ping anything. - No ingame marker and no marker on map. - A part of the compass gets highlighted in your player colour. It disappears after 4 and a half seconds. I think removing the marker from the map entirely was overkill. To make sure marking the care package isn't possible, it could be changed so it's impossible to mark anything which is airborne. It could also work in the way that when you ping, the map marker is off randomly by 5-10 meters, in case it's problematic having a marker being too accurate. If adding the marker on the map isn't an option, I think at least making the ping last longer would be nice (I'd say 10 seconds). Since it's not immediately obvious what is being pinged (since there's no map indicator and since the marker on the compass isn't visible at all if you're looking in a very different direction), it's possible you could miss the marker since it disappears so quickly. Another problem with the current system is that it's not well-suited to colourblind players.
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    PUBG Community Feedback Program

    Some suggestions about the event pass: - More challenging missions rather than grindy ones For instance, reach top 10 in solos once rather than reach top 30 in solo three times. - Give the daily missions a more lax time limit Not everyone is able to play every day (and sometimes people want to take a break). In PUBG Mobile, there's only one mission each day and it has a time limit of 3 days. Which means you can skip a day or two and still be able to tackle all the daily missions. Fewer time limits in general would be very welcome. - Please don't make event passes replace weekend events I've noticed there's been no weekend event in several weeks and I wonder if the event pass is a replacement. The event system added a lot of variety to the game and I'd really like to see them return (the first few events with the flares were especially fun).