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  1. Try escape from Tarkov if you want realism, gun play and much, much, much more realistic gun play, modifications and real adrenaline fear of getting shot.
  2. Literally only the fact that I usually play with 1 friend or 3. Rarely do we have trios. If we have three we definitely go to Apex. The ability to Duo or 4-man is the only thing that makes me launch PUBG over AL.
  3. TheJudicator

    Enough is Enough

    I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. I queue for Vikendi all the time without having to wait long in NA duos. I can't stand the (intentionally) horrible loot on Erangel. It's not fun to loot half of a city and come out with a tommy gun and and S686. I'd much rather do Vikendi or Sanhok. If you like the slow, terrible loot of Erangel, you should enjoy the slow terrible queue as well.
  4. TheJudicator

    War Mode: 2 issues

    Literally unplayable, honestly. The rubber banding from every person in the game. It isn't my connection either, being as the whole team was laughing/raging about it both games I tried to play it. People running around with no guns out killing you (they have guns but nothing renders in this mode) dying to people who are still parachuting in on your screen. Everything about it is a disaster.
  5. TheJudicator

    Ready Up Cancelling

    As party leader, if someone readies up before me, once the last person hits Ready, it cancels my ready and I have to restart the lobby. If I'm not the first person readied, it won't let us queue. #FixPUBG
  6. TheJudicator

    Hackers Running Amok

    This isn't a "I was behind a rock and still blah blah blah" I'm talking, 15 people left in a game after the first circle. I've had it happen 3 times in the first 10 games I've played this week, where we finish looting up an area and we go to move to the next circle and notice there's <20 alive, check our vids and it's one or a handful of guys literally wiping 5+ guys a minute, mostly with punches or Kar98K headshots as fast as it can fire.
  7. TheJudicator

    Stuck in Guard Tower

    The set of 3 hangars SW of Georgopol crates and NE of the hospital have some wooden guard towers there, in FPP solo I was crouched beneath these shooting at a guy near crates and when I went to leave, I couldn't. I crouch walked in there but couldn't move. Switching weapons, firing my gun and doing any animation i could think of didn't work. I didn't screen shot it but it was FPP and the location isn't obscure.