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  1. The following images are from under the map. My friend and I were throttling up an incline in our blue Dacia Sandero when suddenly our screens froze. moments later we found ourselves hurtling through space and time under the map until we collided with a vast ocean of despair that hides itself under the terrain above. To test this experience properly we evacuated our interstellar Dacia Sandero Shuttle and swam back to the surface of this strange water. To prove that this glitch can be game altering we swam toward the centre of the white circles until we died outside the zone. this happened when we reached rank #2 out of all the teams that had played. In hindsight, our unintentional expedition into the next realm was not worth the time spent swimming, PLEASE FIX THIS BUG. we did not intentionally find a spot to fall though the map, RNGesus selected us. we were predestined, and we did not enjoy this time of suffering.
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