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    Reduced the loot in Sanhok too?

    Since we released the game there have been many loot spawn changes, but none have been made recently aside from the addition of the Skorpion.
  2. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Reduced the loot in Sanhok too?

    There have been no recent changes to loot levels, on any maps.
  3. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    Maintenance happens at the global off-peak time, and also at a time where out team are able to oversee it. Sorry if this inconveniences you, but it is a necessary action that needs to be completed.
  4. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    not work

    Hello Alielfarsy, Unfortunately due to lack of information on your report I am unable to provide you with any support. If you can provide full information regarding your issue with running the Test Server client I would be happy to try and help you out.
  5. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Ultrawide lobby bug.

    This has been reported to the team. Thanks!
  6. PUBG_RoboDanjal


    The quality of this screenshot is too low. Please provide me with the string in a written format.
  7. PUBG_RoboDanjal


    Please see my reply above, if you can supply me with the information requested I will have the team look into this.
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    Hey, can you supply me with the alphanumeric string from one of the games where you were experiencing high ping? I'll be able to ask the team to investigate your matchmaking in regards to your ping. The string can be found under your healthbar/timeline when in game or replay. For example, in this case it would be D14B98.
  9. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Game detects laptop software as hack/background

    Sorry for the confusion, I meant to end all Gigabyte processes through task manager (or their own software) before starting PUBG. Generally these files being blocked do not cause PUBG to not start, so I need to ascertain if there is another cause for PUBG not launching. I'm confused by the fact that you're using Windows 7 on the Gigabyte P35X-V6, as well as the 4:3 screen ratio, as this model shipped with Windows 10 and has a 16:9 screen ratio. Is there a specific reason why you are using Windows 7 and a 4:3 ratio?
  10. I have equipped all the items that you have shown in your screenshots but I'm not able to replicate the issue you are having. Can you confirm that this is still occurring?
  11. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Mouse lag

    Are you able to record and share a video of this occurring? Also, have you tried a complete uninstall and reinstall using the guide below? Step 14.
  12. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Game detects laptop software as hack/background

    We're not seeing the issue of other users having their game crashing when this .exe is blocked. Can you please try disabling this before starting PUBG and seeing if it is able to load. If it is still unable to load it's likely to be different issue causing PUBG not to start correctly. Could you also please supply us with your full PC specification.
  13. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    [25] BattlEye Corrupted data HELP

    Great, glad to hear it! Thanks for letting me know how this turned out for you, the feedback helps in helping others.
  14. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    [25] BattlEye Corrupted data HELP

    Hello, I'm sorry that you're having this issue. As you said here, it doesn't seem to be account related, so it must be something to do with your computer. Did you try step 14 in the link provided, including ALL of the steps to completion? Without following this exactly it will not be successful.
  15. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    [25] BattlEye Corrupted data HELP

    Please check the steps in the link below. Corrupted data generally means that you have incomplete or changed files that will need downloading again. 3, 9, and 14 are relevant to your issue.
  16. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Training grounds .. sigh ... lol

    Hey, we're aware that some people are using it for uh... not the intended purpose. Keep the feedback coming, it's very helpful.
  17. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Missing Twitch Jungle Set images in Steam inventory

    Hey, we're aware of this. Thanks for sharing.
  18. WIN A TITAN XP DURING GAMESCOM 2018! Hi everyone, As you know, we’re present at gamescom 18 in Cologne. To celebrate, we partnered with Nvidia for a giveaway contest. Join us – at the venue, or online – for a chance to win a TITAN XP GPU! How to participate? There are two ways of taking part in the contest. 1) If you are at gamescom, take a selfie in PUBG booth and post it on your Facebook or Twitter profile with a hashtag #PUBGCOM18 (make sure it is shared publicly). 2) If you are not attending gamescom this year, you can still join this contest. To participate, watch the stream on our Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/pubg_eu, cut and save the best moment of the stream (max 20 sec) and post it on your Facebook or Twitter channel also using the hashtag #PUBGCOM18. Please read below the Terms and Conditions of Participation for more details. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION
  19. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    scope static

    Please try the following steps, regardless of if you have reinstalled before, I need you to follow the instructions step by step. Uninstall the game Delete the "PUBG" game folder located in "steam/steamapps/common/PUBG" In the Steam client menu -> Click on 'Steam' then click on 'Settings' In the menu on the left hand side -> Select 'Downloads' then click on -> 'Clear Download Cache' Restart Steam Reinstall the game Also please use a tool like Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall and reinstall your graphics drivers.
  20. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    3 Controller Bugs (PC) With Video

    Hello! Sorry for the delay in me seeing this thread, I am looking into the remaining issues now and will make sure the team are aware.
  21. I'm going to look into this. If I find the same results I'll report back to the team. Just to check, you are holding "Ctrl", not just tapping it once. The action is HOLD Ctrl, select item, split menu shows. Yes, this is on the fix.pubg.com website you linked below. Although I haven't experienced this myself, or see a large amount of reports regarding this, the optimisation work we're carrying will reduce this occurring for players.
  22. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    scope static

    I haven't seen this reported by any other players, can you please verify your game files and let me know if anything changes.
  23. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Red dot sight no texture

    This issue doesn't seem to be widespread, can you verify your game files and let me know if it is still happening.
  24. I'm confused, because I see the player in the video, it's just dark. Do you have a better quality video of this?
  25. Thanks for sharing, I have tested, confirmed, and reported on to the team