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  1. While I understand your viewpoint, videos help us in determine what the exact issue is from a player's point of view. Showing us where the issues are provides us more context and information than simply telling us that there are issues.
  2. Please contact PlayStation customer support to request a refund for the extra purchase. Please note: if you have already activated both purchases then a refund will not be possible.
  3. No, this isn't currently possible, but we’re interested in working with our partners to explore cross-play functionality.
  4. Please ensure you're posting in the correct section, and in English when not in the Other Language section. I have now locked this thread. If you still require support please post in English in this section, or post in the "other languages" section.
  5. I have reported this issue to the team, thanks for sharing the information with me. They will investigate and take action where necessary.
  6. Are you getting warnings in the map/mode selection screen stating that you may be matched to EU servers due to an insufficient matching pool?
  7. Hmm, this is an odd one. Do you happen to be using any other controller than the standard one? Do you have anything else plugged directly into your Xbox through USB? Have you tried playing with another controller for a while and seeing if it happens with that one as well?
  8. Absolutely, I do. There have been claims that footsteps are missing/inaccurate. In order to investigate this it is best to first get examples of situations where players believe this has happened, then to try to replicate and confirm.
  9. What info are you looking for? Does anyone have video evidence of this occurring? Always best to report these issues with supporting evidence so we can investigate immediately.
  10. Super strange, going to pass this information to the team.
  11. Would be very interested to hear where you heard this, as it's completely untrue.
  12. What map, perspective, and team size are you selecting when this happens? At what time of day?
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