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  1. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    hello pubg, why the wait when numbers are full?

    Custom games are started by those who are hosting them, so this would be a question better directed to the person creating them.
  2. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Pecado gym roof - "died from falling"

    Thanks for sharing, the team have been made aware of this.
  3. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    No change servers option on Xbox One?

    I need your gamertag so we can look at your connection history and see if we can identify any patterns regarding network speeds, server responses, or anything which may show why you're matching to the wrong region. If this issue is clear when looking at your connection history we can then monitor for similar behaviour in an effort to find the root of the issue. If you do not wish to supply me with your GT, that's fine, but I will be unable to offer any further support or suggestions to you.
  4. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    What should PUBG steal?

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, it's very much appreciated! So, there are some bits I agree with, and some that I do not, I'll quote below and go through the bits to share my opinion, I have reordered some of your points intro groups which I feel are related in opinion/mechanic/design so the answers make more sense. I agree, this has previously been shared with the team to see what can be done so smoothen the movement out in areas where this happens. Personally, I feel that some of these areas should be difficult to traverse across. The design point of these areas was to keep people from easily gaining access to land, or the areas which provide an advantage to the players. It's all about a balance of risk and reward. This is a bug, if you have a precise point, image or video, of this happening please shoot me a DM so I can report. I feel that there will be an argument from other players that sometimes they want to jump past a window or wall, and that if it were any more sensitive to switch to a vault that you may end up on the other side of the wall, or window, accidentally. But I understand where you're coming from. When looking at vaulting on Erangel specifically we must remember that this map was made a long time before we implemented vaulting, and although some changes were made for this introduction, the map wasn't designed with this in mind. As I said above, I don't believe that every building, surface, or geolocial ourcrop should be able to be climbed or vaulted on, or at least vaulted on easily. We're continuing to work on movement, vaulting, jumping, and making improvements in a way which doesn't effect the the gameplay that PUBG provides, and which makes it different from other BR games. While I can agree that the missions can be better, I think a fair amount of players looked at the some of the individual missions and felt they needed to grind to achieve some of them, whereas some of them were designed to be completed passively. For example, drive 10km on a water vehicle, I completed this without trying to, just over the course of a couple days playing. The purchasing of levels was supposed to give an option to players who may not have the time to play as much as others, but still wanted to be able to get some of the items, none of the missions were designed with the purpose of selling these passes. We're looking at ways to improve the player experience overall, not just in game, but in the types of rewards and systems in place outside of the gameplay.
  5. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    What should PUBG steal?

    Do you not feel that there would be players angry at this change? We have to look at the changes this would bring to all situations. 1. How long would the hold need to be? 2. What impact would this have on engagements where a player wants to vault quickly? 3. Given some players dislike of hold to reload, how would this change be seen by the same players?
  6. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    What should PUBG steal?

    Your first point is something I see a lot, but there is method to our madness. That countdown is used to ensure the last players that join have the time to load the necessary assets to be able to jump out of the plane in time. Apex also loads the map and assets in the background, but this happens whilst you choose your legend, see your squad cards, and the champion. squad. What would you change about jumping and vaulting?
  7. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    No change servers option on Xbox One?

    Can you supply us with your gamertag so we can check on this? Do you play with anyone based in NA?
  8. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Holiday Poem Event Reward - never received

    The rewards have been checked and they are in your account.
  9. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    I cant see on what server Im playing on

    Can you take a more recent screenshot of this happening? We're currently on version, this screenshot shows it was taken on version Thanks!
  10. Due to the number of moderation actions needed to be taken in this thread due to rule violations, it has now been locked.
  11. PUBG_RoboDanjal


    While I understand your frustration, replying to specific question regarding anti-cheat efforts actually provides more information to cheat developers who are looking for the methods in which you detect their cheats. Because of this we will never engage in specifics of anti-cheat efforts outside of an official dev letter.
  12. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Pubg Xbox player bots

    There are no bots in the PC, Xbox, or PS4 versions of PUBG, just to clarify.
  13. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Feedback to devs - Hit detection problem

    Absolutely! But my image is simplified as to not confuse the main point.
  14. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Feedback to devs - Hit detection problem

    This is due to the zeroing and leaning; the shots originate at the barrel of the weapon and the weapon by default is zeroed to 100m, meaning that you need to make aiming adjustments according to the distance of the player when they're <100m away. As you can see in the video, the shots are actually going just under the bottom back of the head, where it meets the neck. Made a very professional image to show what the issue is in a simple way. TL;DR: Pointing a dot at the enemy doesn't mean you are guaranteed to hit them if you haven't taken zeroing into consideration with their proximity.
  15. PUBG_RoboDanjal

    Missing items after Vikendi Scavenger Hunt?

    Please submit a ticket with our support team and they can take a look at your account. https://www.pubg.com/support