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  1. Date Seen:8-7-17 Server: Live Server Other Information: So, my friend and I were in a dacia, other two in a UAZ. We crossed a bridge at E3, K6. Some of the buildings in the surrounding area were not loaded, I could only see door frames, rugs, and furniture. The two story red and orange building were fine though. Those buildings were surrounding Rozhok, to the east. My texture for the aforementioned bridge did not load, and I was like "Ha look ill get a screenshot of a floating car." So I have attached the screenshot I have taken. We drove over the bridge and my friend was like "what???". He saw the textures, I did not. I was driving, and we fell through the bridge. Took no damage. But my friend said he literally fell through the bridge. Our car was in the water and we had to evade. Not quite sure why the position of our car seemed like it was client side, and not server side. System Specifications: win 10 home 64 bit i7 4720hq 16 gigs of ram 960m 2gb 500gb samasung MSATA SSD (where game is installed) (laptop is ge70 2qe apache pro)
  2. Date Seen:8-6-17 Server: Live Server Other Information: When loading into a lobby, I didn't load into the starting island. I could see it, but could not move. Then it put me straight into the plane. After dropping, you cannot move your crosshair vertically at all. only horizontally. 1st person is still fine. Trying to look around using Left Alt would spin the compass thing at the top of the screen, but not actually move anything. This only occurs when loading straight into the plane and completely ruins the match for you. I had this happen twice in 3 games. It's not that my loading times are bad, its that we were put in a lobby as the game was starting. Troubleshooting Attempted: Restart game/new match to fix. Can't rejoin the game so you're sorta screwed System Specifications: i7 4720HQ 960m 2g 16gb ram @ 1600 MHz 500GB Samsung mSATA SSD (where the game is installed) (the laptop im using is the MSI ge70 2qe apache pro)
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