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  1. Thank you for the report! I've forwarded it to the relevant team!
  2. Red dot and other sights are pre zeroed to 100 meters which means the bullet will hit the crosshair dot on a target that is 100 meters away. Your weapon's barrel is located below your sight and that is where the bullets are coming from. You will have to compensate for the zeroing of the sight when shooting close targets.
  3. Hey fobyac! Skins are permanent, you will still be able to use the coupons after the survivor pass season ends until the 13th of March (Until the 26d timer expires). Apologies for the confusion there.
  4. Hi there! The reason for that is that we do not have action queuing in PUBG. This means that if you press a button when the action is unable to be carried out that it will not be carried out even if the action is now able to be completed, as you have mentioned, a repressing of the button is needed for it to complete.
  5. Just an FYI you can also see the season end timer once in the coupon shop as well as the note saying that the coupons expire once the survivor pass season ends.
  6. PUBG_HappyWhale

    Game breaking GLITCH! Invisble Player!

    Hi @SilverEzredes are you using a controller on PC by chance? We've received some reports of players saying that this bug has occurred to them whilst using a controller on PC.
  7. PUBG_HappyWhale

    Dead body sounds

    Hey! The team is aware of this issue. It will be resolved in an upcoming patch!
  8. Having multiple actions on a keybinding that has a toggle function such as freelook will cause issues in certain actions. You have the option to use the default keybindings if your custom ones are having issues with one another or make sure your custom keybindings that are toggle by default are set to hold.
  9. PUBG_HappyWhale

    Steam Validate file issue

    Your keybindings are located in the GameUserSettings.ini file from the TslGame/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor folder. To find the folder you must press Windows key + R, input %localappdata% then navigate to TslGame. You can make a copy of the gameusersettings.ini file and replace the new file after the reinstall.
  10. PUBG_HappyWhale

    Game crashed on startup everytime

    Hi! Try monitoring your hardware usage to see if there are any spikes that may be causing the crashes. Try clean reinstalling the latest driver version using display driver uninstaller and also reinstalling the previous driver version if for any reason the latest driver version is not as stable for your laptop. Also try checking whether your laptop is throttling it's performance by being in power saving mode as opposed to performance mode in power settings. Check if your laptop is not using your onboard gpu instead of your 970m. You can set that in nvidia control panel as far as I know. Check your hardware temperatures, high temperatures will force the hardware to throttle itself and underperform. Regarding the corrupted files found by validating game files: try following the steps in the number 14 in the thread below.
  11. PUBG_HappyWhale

    PUBG Voice Chat working only in the first game

    Hi shrroy, Vivox, our in-game voice communication service, is disabled in Egypt. We are unable to resolve your issue unfortunately.
  12. PUBG_HappyWhale

    Steam Validate file issue

    Hi! It may that your cached download contains a corrupted file that keeps getting redownloaded when verifying. A way to fix that would be to perform a clean re-installatio. All the steps to do that are under number 14 in the guide below!
  13. PUBG_HappyWhale

    Massive Packet Loss

    As stated in the comments above, your connection may very well be fine and work flawlessly in a speed test to your ISP. But when it comes to routing your packets from your PC through your ISP to the AWS servers that PUBG uses there can be issues. Contact your ISP and report high packed loss instances to AWS servers when playing PUBG. We are unable to fix or modify your routing of packages that your ISP handles.
  14. PUBG_HappyWhale

    Drop smoke nulls smoke grenade smoke

    Thank you @varmintp I've passed along the clips to the relevant team!
  15. PUBG_HappyWhale

    PUBG lights in building super bright

    Hey guys, can you try clean reinstalling your drivers? We are not receiving a lot of these reports and as such it is hard to pinpoint the issue. It may be the case of a corrupted file within the driver installation. Reinstalling the latest or downgrading to the previous driver version using clean reinstall can help fix the issue as others have reported.