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  1. Hi, My specs are the following : Processor : i7 4970K Graphics : GTX 970 Ram : 16 gb DDR3 DD : 2 T ( 600 go free) Operating System : Windows 10 Professional Keyboard : AZERTY ( Madcatz Strike 7 ) Controls : Forward (FOOT) / Accelerate ((VEHICLE)) : Z Backward (FOOT) / Deccelerate (VEHICLE) : S Strafe Left(FOOT) / Turn Left (VEHICLE) : Q Strafe Right (FOOT) / Turn Right (VEHICLE) : D The Problem Encountered is the following : Since Today's Patch , I can't move left/right and forward at the same time. When I am in a car , I'm forced to stop accelerating in order to be able to turn. In other words, i can't turn if i haven't already got some speed. If I do press the turn key before I press Z, my character will strafe but won't go forward. This is gamebreaking as i'm not used to turn with the mouse while running, and as i can't drive anymore. I've already done a reset on the controls, i've put it in QWERTY ( no result ) and I've scanned all the game's file trough steam. This happens on every game I launch ( tryed solo, solo FP, Squad ) I've no trouble on any other game i'm playing atm, and this happened just after getting the last Patch ( as 4 of August 2017) Please help :'(
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