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  1. How can you be this Bad, even with cheats hahahaha
  2. Like 5 posts under your Post is the answer....
  3. So...like 30 topics here since patch #30 regarding fps drops, stutter, mouse lag, LoD rendering Bugs etc. Almost 4 weeks to revert/fix what you broke with a recent update. You even said You forwarded the Problems to the dev Team. Still Not fixed with last maintenance. Stuff like this gets hotfixed in 24-48 hrs by other companies. At this point i really think You guys dont know what You are doing, if You cant even Analyse your latest patch, to rollback the change that broke the game. Time to play another game After 2000hrs and 300$ invested in skins.
  4. Not Windows 10 related, got the Same Problems on win 7 x64 ultimate with a highend rig
  5. I saw Same patch notes, but the fps Problems wont be fixed. They will sit it Out cause they dont know how to fix it. Mark my words.
  6. Gonna test later, if it fixes the stutters and drops from Patch #30 7700k@5ghz and 16GB ddr3200 cl15 should be fine
  7. Rev i have a question and pm isnt working, so i just ask Here. UE4 Has texture streaming and I know disabling it eats lots of vram but completely removes stutters and fps drops. Since my card Has 11gb vram... Is it possible to remove Texture streaming in any UE4 game? I know its possible in insurgency, is it possible in pubg tho? Need to Start my computer, i think i saw texture streaming in the config File of pubg. Edit : just found this https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/6b59rh/if_you_have_a_lot_of_vram_consider_turning_off/
  8. Its normal atm cause the game is bugged, thousands of people reporting the Same issue since 4 weeks, dont worry your setup is fine.
  9. ^ this. But i dont expect Them to fix it, they have no clue what they are doing. Its been like this since 4 weeks and no fix.
  10. The saddest Part are the people defending it and saying it must be our Hardware. Yeah the Hardware of Ten thousands of people auch suddenly go shit when patch 30 Hits lmao. Something in the game is completely broken and I have an idea whats causing it. We got this 80mb Anti cheat Definition update 3 weeks ago, the update where Sound was bugged, fullscreen wasnt working and Not even the pubg Logo was shown in the taskbar. Since then the fps drops, inputlag and stutter appear. When they where testing a New anticheat in 2017, the Exact Same thing happend. Peoples fps dropped by 40% causing an uproar on the Forums and they did roll it back. I think the anticheat is flawed, eating cpu util. Second thing they changed 3 weeks ago is texture streaming, another cause of stutter, now the graphic is bugged also when you scope in and Out, trees rendering After 1 second.
  11. Its like your car engine broke down and they say to You change your tires, it will be fine
  12. I always optimize my Windows, do registry tweaks etc to increase performance. The thing is, my setup works perfect with every game, i dont See any reason changing anything for just one game, when it infact wont help and just will make things worse. I know that tweaks You Listed above already and did Most of Them even before pubg was Released. I reinstalled pubg multiple times, didnt help, i even Put pubg to an empty SSD just to test something, still the Same. I Play this game since early Access and never ever in over 2000 hrs did it run this Bad. Its Not unplayable but it's Not smooth either... Cant Hit flick shots since patch 30 since every fast turn causes fps drops
  13. Its Not my PC when every other game runs fine and my whole squad has the Same problem with 2080Ti and 9900k @5GHZ That stuff You mentioned doesnt help, cause they changed anticheat and streaming of Textures causing this fps drops. I build pc's, test BIOS, test Firmware etc for a living. I build atleast 5 pc's a Day and I know when something is wrong on my side or something is wrong with the game. Thousands of people have Problems since patch 30. I Play atleast 4-6 hrs a Day with my squad mates and right After Patch 30 we noticed the performance dropped a Ton and the game felt unresponsive.
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