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  1. I’d really hope that after more than a month, some of the issues would be somewhat fixed. However I have not touched this game since a week or two after it’s release. I’ve been stuck on Fortnite. Not that I don’t enjoy PUBG, but I’d rather wait for it to be optimized and better performing then waste my time crashing. There are diefinetely game breaking issues for this game....but it takes about $150 to get started in this game for Xbox. Please, I beg you, take $150, hell even $300 and find me a PC that will let you even start PUBG. You have to expect problems for this game with the tech they are working with.
  2. If you did not expect even these problems, I suggest you do yourself a favor and take a break from this game. My expectations for this games release was wayyyy lower. I was happy to be able to load in and play my first game with no problem. AAA games, not early access or GPPs have had much worse issues like servers shutting down. To what I expected, this release could not be going any smoother
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