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  1. but backpacks dont make that sound? go play arma if you want realism
  2. diator

    Remove rustling sound

    why did they even spend resources developing this as a feature?...
  3. diator

    Is the Vector dead?

    i like the new vector, 2 less damage per shot but you get 8 more shots with extended and since its 9 mm its much easier to control.
  4. diator

    lobby fps drop

    any one else got a fix for this?
  5. diator

    lobby fps drop

    6th generation by my estimates
  6. diator

    lobby fps drop

    its a intel core i7-6700k 4GHz
  7. Can we please be allowed to join training mode as a team. it just makes it easier to train the rookies on the finer parts of PUBG.
  8. Every time i enter the lobby, my fps drops to 9-13 fps for 10 seconds this has been going on since the last major patch..
  9. Whomever decided to let the split stack system go to 0 is a dumdum... it worked just fine before when you could just slide all the way to the left and drop 1 item now i have to spend half a second to aim the slider just right..
  10. its still lame that it doesnt say what we needed to do... i had to wait for some russian dude to post it because the russian version of pubg actually has the text saying what to do...
  11. but it still keeps the game running until you say no delaying your return as steam wont launch the game while its "running"
  12. my game crashed and the crash report got me killed because it delayed my reentering the game and the blue zone killed me, this is not the first time either and its getting to be rather annoying. cant you delay the crash report till after i exit the game properly, either by saving the crash report for the next time i start the game or by starting another program.
  13. i have redo keybindings and turn off "on screen guide" every time i start the game and it is getting frustrating... some keybindings i did a year ago are permanent, sometime in the last few months any keybinding i change is only temporary.
  14. diator

    Problem using replay

    still here in the new patch...
  15. diator

    Problem using replay

    cant click the time bar near any kill/dbno markers if turned on, if they are turned off it works just fine, it is like there is a "dead" area around the markers...