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  1. i want to help my teammates become better by going to the training map and help them gain techniques needed to win the game. but we cannot join as a team and as such it hinders our training. if we could join as a team we would never loose sight of each other and it would facilitate easier training of new players.
  2. if i sit in the lobby for more than 2 minutes my game will probably crash, and it gets annoying when you are waiting for a custom game to start..
  3. so whenever i sit in the lobby for more than a minute my game crashes in the new patch
  4. but backpacks dont make that sound? go play arma if you want realism
  5. why did they even spend resources developing this as a feature?...
  6. i like the new vector, 2 less damage per shot but you get 8 more shots with extended and since its 9 mm its much easier to control.
  7. i have redo keybindings and turn off "on screen guide" every time i start the game and it is getting frustrating... some keybindings i did a year ago are permanent, sometime in the last few months any keybinding i change is only temporary.
  8. cant click the time bar near any kill/dbno markers if turned on, if they are turned off it works just fine, it is like there is a "dead" area around the markers...
  9. same issue here. it appears like the area near the kill/downed markers is bugged (when i use the "zoom" feature i can get closer "in time" to the marker than if i just stayed zoomed out) please fix it as i dont want to spend a minute every time i want to see a certain kill...
  10. sounds good, the replays are just a tad confusing without the healthbars to tell how bad a day a player is having
  11. i have had the same issue for a while on the test server and it seems to have carried over to live servers.
  12. whats wrong with the ingame report button? you can report whomever killed you or you can go the replay and report anyone near you..
  13. the gun is currently on full auto, or pew pew pew but as you can see it hasnt changed from semi auto or pew..
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