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  1. Bug Description: Since yesterday (01/08/2017) the game has major issues for me. It doesn't start up as fast as it used to, I load for so long, that I skip the entire loading area. The first thing I see in game is me on the plane (without any sound). When I jump out of the plane my mini map looks fine, but the map itself is one big landscape of greenery. When I've actually landed (God knows where..) I see nothing still. The only thing that helps is opening my inventory. The game completely freezes for about a good minute and a half and reports a server lag, thats when I get to see everything. I'm loaded, I see the buildings but my character won't turn around with my mouse. I have to alt + tab for that to work. Meanwhile I'm getting messages from my PC that the game is using a full 100% (!!) of my CPU, which it has never done. My PC isn't warm, isn't lagging (I can alt+tab and do other stuff perfectly fine). Date Seen: 01/08/2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: I've restarted the game, restarted Steam, updated my graphic card to the latest version (Nvidia GTX 1060) and restarted my PC several times. Since I've always played on Ultra mode, I've also tried lowering the settings to a full all low. I've also just tried the ''Verify Integrity of game files'' through Steam. Other Information: My PC is only 3 months old Launch Options: No System Specifications:
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