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  1. This is true, but that's discounting the obvious, which is that cheaters exist in all regions. The simple fact that pro players were banned for using radar hacks tells you a lot more non-pro people have been using them in FPP since day 1. Think about it, a lot of the reason "certain" people complain about TPP is that they lose some of their radar hack advantage to an opponent who is third person peeking. I've been "hunted" in FPP by so many players who couldn't have possibly known I was there, I've come to the conclusion that cheaters just want any advantage they can get. And this proves my point.
  2. LOL, you do realize that you can go into first person mode in TPP, but not the other way around, right? All "FPP" mode is here is a mode where you are locked to the first person view and can't switch back. That's the point umpem is making. Also, your point is pointless because it's elitist nonsense that makes no difference to anyone who plays TPP. By the way, don't "call out" obvious cheaters from China because they might be reading this (no they're not.)
  3. Someone will surely reply with "I can see how that's just a good player. You can't tell he's cheating just from that." LOLOLOLOL
  4. There is no point in playing if your only option is to fill games with cheaters. This is a stupid response. Completely stupid.
  5. What does any of this have to do with the topic of this post? Get on topic or take your comments elsewhere.
  6. This is easy to understand. Experiential evidence matters. Some people play every day, when they have time. It doesn't have to be for 8 to 10 hours like some streamers play, but if you play every day (or frequently) you begin to notice patterns. I have over 4000 hours in this game since June 2017. I would say my experience matters when it comes to how I "felt" after any given combat situation. What I can say is, based on my own personal experience, cheating is more widespread within the past 2 weeks than it has been over the past month. It's now to the point in NA where essentially every TPP squad game is populated by between 5 to 10% obvious cheaters. Sometimes it's as high as 20%. Their methods vary. All one has to do is watch how the behavior of the players change once the game gets down to the last 20 players alive in order to see the difference. I played a game with friends yesterday which we were destined to win. Three of us had crate weapons, on Erangel. We never found a flare gun. We were just dominating. Then the huya player shows up, who I had been noticing since the beginning of the game in the kill feed. I downed him in his car from about 250m with a suppressed SLR as they stopped to pick a crate. He began wiggling and wobbling faster than you can shoot, smoke came out immediately, and the next thing you know my entire team was dead from players mysteriously shooting through tree leaves and their smoke and environmental fog. This type of thing happens more now than it did before the most recent patch. That may be anecdotal evidence, but as I said, experiential evidence says that cheating is now worse than it's been since the dark days of TPP cheating, which forced me to play FPP just to avoid most of that. What I found in FPP is people were still cheating, just being less obvious about it, and resorting to radar hacks to hunt down players. There's also a lot of players who just load up a mouse macro and call it a day. That's unfair to the players who don't, but they don't care. They think everyone is doing it. I've heard as much from many random players in queue. How do I know this? Same type of anecdotal evidence, just lots and lots of it. You can tell when players are hunting you and they know exactly where you are...after thousands of hours you can see the difference between highly skilled players and obvious cheaters.
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