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  1. Yes, I understand this. The bug I am attempting to report is that simply having an 8x attached to your weapon changes your GENERAL and/or TARGETTING sensitivity. Not your scoped sens, your general sens.
  2. Hello, Simply equipping the 8x scope to an SKS changes the GENERAL sensitivity to be lower than normal. Possibly to match your 8x scoping sensitivity. Regardless, if you are scoped/targetting or whatever, you simply go slower. I did not test the full extent as it was only the last couple circles during that time. HOWEVER - I did equip a 2x instead of the 8x and noticed the change as well. So simply attaching a scope changes your overall sensitivity - at least with the SKS. Did not have another 8x capable weapon to test on. Regards, Denebula
  3. So, the fact you didnt classify this as a "bug" is just pissing people off. What gives?
  4. This is widely known behavior, but I don't see it officially filed yet. Bug Description: When looting items from the ground using the inventory screen and dragging and dropping the items to your bag very rapidly, your character does not show loot animation thus increasing the speed at which you can loot items. Expected Behavior When looting items your character should stoop over and pick up each item individually. Date Seen:This is easily reproducible and is seen in every game Server: I have not tested on custom servers, but this is happening on live. Troubleshooting Attempted: Its actually unclear if this is a feature or a bug, but it seems oddly specific and mechanically demanding for something so prevalent in the game. Not to mention its not very intuitive.
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