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  1. I've won like 5 or 6 matches, only received the bp one time
  2. The game shows the controller UI and the controller is disconnected. I use the PlayStation controller and it's not connected to PC although drivers are activated to use the controller when I connect it. I reported this bug two months ago and it was fixed, until today's patch. I hope you fix it again. Regards!
  3. If I'm not mistaken, it's probably that the client load a lot of stuff when you're in the end of the parachute and in the start of the game, like you could see in your video. Although the algorithm has for sure all the info of the map in the first 60 sec, then they've to spawn only the stuff that is near from you, due to Level of Detail (LOD). And this could be doing in the end of the parachute. After the start of the game, it's easy, some object could being added when you approach to them, but they would be only a few. But... only programmers of the game really know how they load the map. And they'll also know the problems of doing that and they'll have to find a solution for this.
  4. Up!! Fix this please I want to spectate my comrades!
  5. I've exactly the same problem!! It's quite easy to solve, just a checkbox in the options menu. It's a pain, you can't remove this UI and what I ask myself is... People who play with controller (if someone play with controller) can not spectate teammates? Watch the screenshot of the menu, they can't even see correctly the ESC menu!! Then I read that this game has 5 million of copies sold. You could contract a bigger team to finish it!!
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