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  1. Will definitely try this out. Atleast it could be a work-around solution till something like a "Disable controller" button is ingame. Edit: So it did sadly not work fully. Sometimes when pressing escape, I would get the real menu, other times not. But dying with this turned on, so far has NEVER yielded a "Spectate" button.
  2. I honestly think this is another issue. Not that I mind you borrowing this one. But maybe you'll get more response if you start your own on that one.
  3. The only current solution to all this: Exit game (if its open), then unplug your controller, then reopen the game.
  4. TL:DR There is no function to disable a controller and now it's basically taking over and ruining my game. Problem: Controller plugged in, taking over UI. Reproduction: Open game with controller plugged in. Solution: Ingame function to disable controller??? I have my XBOX controller plugged in while playing. I never used it to play Playerunknowns Battlegrounds. It's always been a problem though. First problems started with not being able to disable vibrationmechanics. Then in the later few patches, the UI from the controller scheme is starting to take over my game. I can't see the menu anymore, it simply says Press A to return to game, and Press B to exit to menu. And for some reason it also works with keyboard presses. I cannot spectate my fellow teammates anymore, because the only option there is "Press A to return to menu". What I need is a way to disable my controller all together, without me having to get up and walk every single time. And yes, my PC is in another room, I'm behind an L table. That makes a total of 10 meters back and forth whenever I want to play PUBG, not to talk about the damage caused to the connection itself, from all the replugging I would have to do. // JustinCaseDK out //
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