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  1. How about allowing players to ban other players suspected of cheating during gameplay, set up some decent rules, eg. more than 50% killed players report for cheating + instant game replay recording for review, the player stays banned for an hour or 2, once re-play is reviewed you guys issue permaban etc. This is just a quick example, but I think allowing players to kick/ban a player temporarily would make a whole lot of difference. Consider something like that BlueHole. Thanks AM
  2. to expand, I don't know what was dialed down, textures, shadows, rendering? It was done on your side... What I can say that graphics looked better then
  3. Dev team would know - means graphics we had in early access = better graphics/more immersive
  4. Hi, Please reply. Are we going to get back the old graphics of PUBG after pubg lite is released? It's apparent that graphics have been dialed down for sake of performance, but I remember how pubg looked when it was in early access stage, graphics were much better, thus it was more immersive. Thanks AM
  5. Will anything be done about the netcode? For online multiplayer game it should be higher, who wants to be shot when hiding behind the wall?
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