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  1. antoniomargarete

    Mouse Macro

    stop using macros
  2. antoniomargarete

    I can't get immersed in this game anymore

    I'm purely talking graphics here, I think it looked better in the early access stage even before vaulting was implemented, IDK what it was, but it felt better than it feels now
  3. Here's what I've been thinking. I remember good old days when pubg was still in early access stage. When I sat in front of my pc, and got sucked into this cool but dangerous world. I was surprised how good it looked, just looking at the walls etc. Maybe I missed something, but this game does not look like this anymore, textures feel some kind sharp, and no natural. I played it on med settings, but went to low, as I cannot see a difference. Even recently played a bit on high settings, but something is gone. Did blueballs reduced something, and if yes - what was it, why I don't see that world anymore? A similar thing I've noticed was with Battlefield 1, but maybe that's just placebo...
  4. antoniomargarete

    Netcode 17hz tick rate

    Will anything be done about the netcode? For online multiplayer game it should be higher, who wants to be shot when hiding behind the wall?
  5. Siema, ja sie dolacze chetnie na jaką squad game, granie z dzieciakami albo teamkilerami niezbyt mi podchodzi, dajcie jakis namiar na swoje nicki czy tam ci to sie ustawimy, pozdro