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  1. Erengel is just about where it was when the game was released. Loot during the early days was right about where it is now. That's what people liked. Then it was nerfed. From there quite a few people left. It's a business decision. More loot for players the more they will play. Less loot the more they won't. Miramar should be the only low loot map here going forward. To make it the struggle map.
  2. That would be one of the funniest things to see happen every game. It just would not get old. Lol
  3. In my test. I got better fps with gsync vs vsync with unlimited in game.
  4. That's unfortunate. Would be nice to figure out the cause of the issue. Always good for paper to actually get to play. Computers can be a pain to diagnose at times.
  5. Force close steam. Start steam as administrator Disable full screen optimizations for PUBG. If that doesn't work reinstall visual c++ from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 Good luck
  6. Think there is any possible way that the devs can add a time feature for quick join? Meaning that.. Ok. I'm in NA. When I play at 6am I can't find a game so I'm shoved off immediately to another region. How about adding a player chosen time box. Something that the player can choose to wait for their own region before getting pushed to another one. Can be a box that has choices from 1min to 5min. Still on the quick join option or just under it on the UI. Clicking the big quick join puts the player in the fastest game. Using the options of waiting 1 to 5 mins means that the game will wait that long for a local region game before just shoving them off to another region. Probably not possible or even probable. Just a thought. Let the player choose before people like myself getting shoved off to as server immediately. I'd rather wait a bit for something locally first.
  7. I'll have to test this. I have a 240hz monitor and on sanhok I've seen over 300fps in certain areas. So maybe the test would to turn off gsync and enable vsync to see if there is any difference. Though I've never had issues of any kind playing the game as far as graphics are concerned. Used to have other issues but sorted those out. Crashes and lag and packet loss mostly that I've cleaned up. Perfect running game on my end.
  8. Sorry bud. That's not going to change my it's pretty much the bare minimum for those hovering around the game's minimum requirements. Think of the wait time as a chance to stand up, stretch, get a snack or a drink etc. Not everyone can afford a PC or laptop or Internet that'll load the game faster. Course if you are waiting 1min.. that must be nice. I load in quite fast and my wait time is quite a bit longer while others join and load.
  9. I'm still wondering what the op considers to be high temps. Anything under 80c imo is fine for that card. But here's causes, checks and things to consider What's the ambient room temp? Hot in the room equals hot pc. What speed are the fans running system wise? Bad airflow causes high temps Fans on the card working? Use MSI afterburner to create a custom fan profile. Check YouTube for ways to visually check your case airflow. Then adjust accordingly. Get more fans and faster ones
  10. On the contrary, people have been having this issue for quite some time. Seen it on the forums many times before patch 27. I don't have this issue and neither does the majority of those playing the game. Which is what? 300k people or so any given day? If people are not willing to test their stuff with a VPN or tracerouting that's up to them. I prefer to knock out any and all possible issues on my end before anything. Hope you figure it out.
  11. They've changed to a new system. You get used to it. Course if you think you're having some wacky issue I'd post a small video of it so devs can have a better look.
  12. I'll play late night. Haven't had any issues. Occasionally run into people who don't speak English. Hasn't hurt anything. Just have to play different. With the low pop at certain times getting players from other regions is near unavoidable. So probably best to get used to it, play solo, use the discord to find a group or learn other languages.
  13. Use a VPN. If it works and the game loads properly then it's an ISP issue.
  14. Very random bug. Quite rare as well. Not sure I'd that's an option in custom games.
  15. There is no advantage to having it. Pretty useless unless you have a ton of programs using the net at the same time. There's a lot of so called network managers out there. One thing they are supposed to do is allow the user to set a program to get priority over all other programs with net speed usage. So if steam is downloading in the background and you're playing pubg the net manager would limit steam's bandwidth so that pubg gets all the speed it needs. Least that's what I get from them.
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