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  1. It's being updated at the same time perhaps?
  2. Avohei

    Erangel loot balance???????

    But the balance will bring me back to erengel. At this time I just leave the lobby in solo. I'll also play the game more. So that's one person they get back to playing more possibly.
  3. Hah! We're on the same page here. No clue why do many boxes of ammo spawn. Never did understand it. One box per weapon with 30 to 60 or 90 randomly is fine. Cuts a ton of boxes out.
  4. Avohei


    And how would that be fair to Xbox and PS4 considering the disadvantages of a controller?
  5. Sorry guys.. the most likely scenario was that the awm bullet first hit a leaf causing it to slow down enough to not kill the other player. 😋
  6. Has to be something people have in common with this. And ya, few posts about it here and there. Using 7.1 and hrtf I'm not having any issues tracking footsteps. Gun shots do sound closer then they are.
  7. Avohei

    I3-4160 GTX 1050 2GB AND 16GB DDR3

    Even with a SSD. But feel free to try it if you like. With steam you can play for under two hours and return it if there are issues. Sounds like a big headache waiting to happen.
  8. Avohei

    I3-4160 GTX 1050 2GB AND 16GB DDR3

    Hmm.i actually wouldn't bother trying to run the game on that system. But that's just me. I'd save money and start building a new system. You will have issues running pubg with those specs.
  9. Avohei

    MY pubg crash

  10. Avohei

    Anybody can be a god

    What about... 40ms 280-350 fps 240hz monitor Spawn of Satan?
  11. Avohei

    DM disabled...? Why?

    Awesome to have but I don't think that everyone knows this yet. Can y'all make a sticky or something. You mentioned it but it seems as though it's not broadcasted lots enough for people to know where to go. It's a great thing to have to be sure. Just a small sticky in each general forum for PC, Xbox and PS4 would be great if you could. Edit. Think people would like a section called something like "direct mod and Dev messages" or something better named.
  12. Avohei

    PUBG free to play?

    Pubg lite. I'd love to see that go world wide. It's the free version. Let the bots so go there instead of the paid game.
  13. If you bothered to read the patch notes you'd know that they are removing that. Please read the patch notes.
  14. Avohei

    DM disabled...? Why?

    Possibly. Though it's not a bad idea to use the forum that way. A dm to a mod can be seen by only that mod unless it's shared to others. Once the new system is in place all the mods and devs can see see and comment with you on that if they feel the desire to do it. Could be a good thing let's wait and see what happens with it.
  15. I'm confused. It sounds like you want to force players to wait ten minutes between games? You're suggesting to punish them for their game ending fast? How far could that go? What if I queue for sanhok and die in the first two minutes? Does that mean I'd have to wait 28mins for another match?