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  1. Was using MSI afterburner to show fps. With it on I was more concerned over what fps i was getting when I should have just played the game. Turning the fps off helped a ton with how much I enjoy playing and my focus is more in the game vs watching fps. Don't even notice any fps issues with it turned off anymore.
  2. Restart your system. Disable all your startup apps first and test the game. Could be anything causing the issue including some mouse and keyboard software that's been banned.
  3. Does Amazon have servers in India? If not then you'll never get a server until Amazon opens one there. Plus the game isn't played by enough people in certain regions to warrant opening a server. If a server/region isn't going to make money it's not wise to open one.
  4. I'm surprised that no on has mentioned that there is no ranking system. One day maybe.. maybe.. a ranking system will be implemented. At this point in the game those leader boards mean nothing. You get nothing from being on them. So I ask. Why care about them? You look at the "pro" players. Are they in that list? They should be or am I wrong? Don't see any and they get paid to play. They are supposed to be the best in the game. That's the flaw with the leaderboards. Doesn't matter how good you are. Someone with less than what you have can use the current system to get top place in the leaderboards. Where someone who is really good at the game won't be anywhere near it.
  5. Iirc the lobby is forced windowed borderless but it's supposed to switch to full screen during the match. Something about being in full screen all the time screwing up older systems. There's a post about it somewhere.
  6. Pretty much why I stopped playing on the test server. In NA getting sent to AS is not worth the download.
  7. You'd have people further teaming up to mass produce a paid for skin and selling them. Example. One person buys a skin. Teams up with someone who wants it as well. Those two are the last alive. Player with the skin drops it to the other player. That player kills him and gets the skin for free.
  8. That happened to me before using a USB mic. Ended up unplugging it, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. Also check - windows privacy settings (Start > Settings > Privacy > Microphone) and check the setting for "allow apps to access your mic" then under "Choose which apps can access your mic" select what apps can access it.
  9. Did you try running both steam and the game as admin?
  10. I'm in that list. Thought it would be nice to have. It's a nice start. Though hope this doesn't turn into claymores and sticky grenades.
  11. Stuff like this is why i have a strict gaming PC. I never do anything but play games on it. Have another PC that I use for everything else. Having a pure gaming PC let's me not need and antivirus or anything other than what is needed to play games. This can also be fine on a second sad if people can't afford another PC. Just food for thought.
  12. My volume is cranked. Steelseries arctis 7. With 7.1 and compression. No issues with footsteps. Driving can be loud but have volume on keyboard and headset to turn that down. This is in reference to your reply to the below post. Same. No issues on my end. Edit. IRL I do tend to be able to be able to filter out sounds as well. If I'm watching a movie and people are talking my brain just phases them out and I have no clue what they are talking about because I'm focused on the movie. Same kind of goes to the game. I'm focused on gunshots and footsteps and most everything else is phased out or lowered to the point where they don't process.
  13. Fair enough. I use ear plugs every day at work. They reduce all sounds equally. So even with eat plugs, sure it'll lower sounds but that includes gunshots and everything else in the distance. It's no different than just turning the volume down. They are not going to create an item that only dampens cars, planes or red zone sounds while keeping all the others normal.
  14. Windows scaling. Set to 100% while playing. Your graphics card setting should have one for it as well which can be set to specific games. Play with that.
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