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  1. Avohei

    Low Volume

    So.. wonder if y'all tried this.. Go here. https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q= Download the drivers for your os. Win 10 drivers are on that page but you can probably search for Windows 7. Open device manager. Go to realtek, under the sounds category, right click and uninstall. In the popup be sure to also check the box to uninstall the software. Go to the views tab and select show hidden devices. Uninstall any duplicate audio devices the same way. Then install the files you've downloaded and reboot and test. Next steps if that doesn't work. Device Manager Sound, Video, and Game Controllers Right Click Realtek Select update driver software Browse computer for driver Select from list of drivers Chose HD Audio Driver (don't chose Realtek) May only work while plugged into the green audio jack in the rear with a proper cable. Lastly, go to the website for your mother board. Download the latest drivers for chipset and audio. Download and install them. Have fun.
  2. Avohei

    Strange Server Ping Question

    It's just a thought. When "Advanced DNS Service" is activated in the dlink router, it no longer uses your ISP's DNS server, it starts using DLinks own DNS server. Sometimes DLinks own DNS servers suck.
  3. Avohei

    Can't open PUBG

    The insider builds are well known to cause issues with the game. The only working answer I've seen from every thread was to opt out of the insider builds if you want more stability. Insider builds are not worth the potential hassle or frustration they can cause when all one wants to do is play. Even Microsoft put in a warning about insider editions and how they can cause issues since developers don't develop for insider editions they develop for the releases. Edit, I've tested this myself. There was another issue people were having from insider causing bsod. To test I updated to the insider edition and instantly had the same issues. Referring back to stable Windows was the fix.
  4. Avohei

    Strange Server Ping Question

    Go into the router. Look for Advanced DNS Service If it's in there make sure it's disabled. Restart the router, check connection. If you have no connection you may need to manually add a dns server. Use Google public dns If you don't have Advanced DNS Service then then the router may need a factory reset, ac software update or you may need to call your isp to come check the lines. I've had finicky connections outside the house cause tons of issues.
  5. Odd. Not getting this with any of my Corsair products which include Case Keyboard Mousepad CPU radiator cooler Plus 3 other fans. All on icue and rgb linked.
  6. Avohei

    crash after start matchmaking

    With thirteen hundred hours in the game I highly doubt you'll get a refund. With the abuse and language you've used in the past. Be lucky I'm not a mod. I'd have banned you a long time ago. Use the VPN you've been using so the game works like you've said it does. Also call your isp and see if they are blocking something the game needs. If the game only runs using a VPN I'd start there.
  7. Avohei

    Urban City map Suggestion

    I'm all for a city map with Urban and suburban areas on the outskirts. Highways to link them together. 4x4 map size. Keep it small. The problem is going to be how to optimize it so that people with low end systems can run it. If not done well then anything under a 1080 is likely going to have issues.
  8. Well you both have something in common. Ddr3 memory. Just imo Kingston is awful even for Budget memory. Yours is running at 1600. Seeing that I'm going to assume that your running one stick of ram. If so that effectively cuts your memory bandwidth in half. You said the memory is hanging up? There's one reason. Another thing is that this game really does need 16gb ram. So two things, get another stickb of ram or two ddr4 sticks of 8gb each of your board supports it. Other than that you can increase your swap file, ie virtual memory, to double the size it's currently at. Do a search on how. Lunch is about over and no time to type it up.
  9. I fully expect that with each patch going forward more and more hardware that isn't supported will have issues. While they may be able to run the game now, or before, don't be mad if one day you wake up unable to play entirely. I wouldn't expect any Dev to make any changes for unsupported hardware.
  10. Avohei

    Server select.

    Stuff like this is why I'm happy to be in n/a with a 40-50 ping.
  11. As much as I'd love to just make videos of people 'possibly' cheating.. it's bad in a couple ways. First, you could be wrong and name shaming an innocent person can cause great harm to that person. Last it's against the rules regardless of the context it's been provided. How do I address these issues? I simply report them in game and go about my life. Suggest you and everyone else do the same. Let those who take care of this stuff be the judge and jury and just leave it alone after you report it.
  12. Avohei

    Loooooong loading time

    Quite true. Just sending some neat info for people to read. With the prices of nvme and SSD they are a great upgrade. When I set up my recent PC I threw in two nvme drives. One for Windows and apps and the other just for games to be installed on. Also have 2tb of hd space just for backups. Which helps a ton to keep a clean system. Hope you get it all worked out.
  13. Avohei

    Loooooong loading time

    Modern motherboards use SATA III which maxes out at a throughput of 600MB/s (or 300MB/s for SATA II, in which case, it’s time to upgrade). Via that connection, most SSDs will provide Read/Write speeds in the neighborhood of 530/500 MB/s. For comparison, a 7200 RPM SATA drive manages around 100MB/s depending on age, condition, and level of fragmentation. NVMe drives, on the other hand, provide write speeds as high as 3500MB/s. That’s 7x over SATA SSDs!
  14. Avohei

    DLSS on nvidia RTX Cards

    Did you watch the nvidia show last week? Showed how dlss created higher resolution while getting better frames.