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  1. It makes sense to me. Not enough players left to allow for individual map choice. I get Erangel and Sanhok 95% of the time anyway. I guess this is a way to get Miramar and Vikendi played more often. Although, people will probably just choose Erangel almost every time now until it's no longer "featured."
  2. I'll buy the pass. Last time I was able to get a digital M4 out of a triumph case due to a free key. Sold it for $11 profit (after Steam's cut). That'll go to the pass. At least it gives something interesting to play for.
  3. Step 1 - Get Circle Luck Step 2 - Get whatever loot is in the area Step 3 - Hide in the bathtub Step 4 - Leave to take a dump Step 5 - Come back 15 minutes later for the last couple circles Step 6 - Blow away some schmuck who decided to run into your bathroom Step 7 - Chicken Dinner 😂
  4. Would be great for allowing players to measure long distance shots. Rangefinder would take up a player's pistol slot. Take it out, look at your target down range, press fire, tells you the distance of whatever you're looking at.
  5. I'd personally like it if there were less snipers/dmrs. Replace them with ARs. I have no issue with ARs being super common, people who can fight well at range with ARs need more skill than a sniper that knocks out over 50% of your health with a single bullet. Make them more rare and force people to use assault rifles for longer range engagements. Personally, I'd even like it if 6x and 8x scopes were more rare as well. Having to fight long range with 4x or less is a lot harder. Would make for more interesting battles since players wouldn't as easily be able to hold down an enemy at such far ranges.
  6. Could always just scale the time to destroy it based on the game mode.
  7. Sorry, I was being sarcastic. It would make for awful gameplay. The way the blue zone works would have to be completely overhauled otherwise players would do nothing except run from zone to zone. Larger maps would be completely abandoned because the odds of getting caught by the zone would be so high and the penalty so unforgiving.
  8. Poor decision from BH to end the season and then have nothing going on for a month. Especially since it's summer in the northern hemisphere and people are playing a lot more than usual right now. They could have easily transitioned from one season to the next with no gap or maybe a week at most.
  9. I can see it now. 2 guys left. Circle starts moving in, guy is standing about one foot outside of where the circle will stop, but thinks he's right around the right spot. Circle comes in, boom, dead. Game over. How about, guy is chasing the circle, hardly gets in before the circle closes. Next circle is a circle that's all the way across the map from where he is. He starts sprinting thinking he should be able to get there. Suddenly, an enemy starts shooting at him. He has no choice but to engage. He spends a minute fighting off this enemy and wins. The zone is closing in, he desperately starts looking for a car and can't find one, so he keeps running. He's only about a hundred meters away, but the zone is closing in! He's only a few steps away, but uh oh, the zone catches up to him and he dies... too bad, better luck next time! Yeah, that's so much better.
  10. At the end of the day, a player with a high KDR has a much higher chance of winning when the game gets down to the final 10 than a player with a lower KDR. It's almost impossible to win without firing a bullet, therefore, someone who is good at killing will have a much much higher chance of winning. Period. Also, a player can have a great shot, but still die often. You can take two players who have similar ability to aim and win fire fights, yet one can have a much higher KDR because they know how to survive better. KDR is the best single non-advanced metric to evaluate skill in almost every FPS game. Sure, you can also gauge wins and even head shot percentage. I find that accounting for damage and knock downs to be pointless. Also, if a player on your own team finishes off a knocked out player, the player who knocked them out gets the kill. Not sure why that's even an issue unless enemy teams are consistently finishing off your enemies.
  11. I'm cool with this. Although you could easily just make it so you hold walk to toggle this.
  12. Happened to me once yesterday, not sure what caused it. Hasn't happened since.
  13. Overwolf has similar apps, but the game itself should have a built in player list that's available on demand with each players' KDR and win percentage. Players can see this list when they join and if they see anyone who looks strange (like 10 or infinite KDR) they can just leave and avoid having to play with the crappy hackers. It would save tons of grief. It's also nice to see who's in game with you. Granted, I know streamers may hate it because of stream snipers or whatever, but it's a huge QoL improvement and can help the experience by allowing people to leave if they see players who don't seem quite right.
  14. I report guys every now and then, I've only once seen any response that someone got banned. A few days ago I got a guy who was clearly aim botting, snap shooting guys through trees with iron sights on a sniper. No in-game response saying he was banned. Just reported a guy today that was likely using wall hacks (after watching him kill 5 guys it seemed pretty obvious to me and judging by his pubg.op.gg profile I'd say definitely), I'd be shocked if I get a response that one either. Maybe they get banned and the game just doesn't tell me, but it'd be nice to know.
  15. I think the game is better overall. My main issues are that desync can still be problematic at times, cheating still exists, and the sound in general could use a lot of improvement. I would probably add map selection/matchmaking, but that's more of a result of a decreased population of players than anything that BH can fix.
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