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  1. Whiplash27

    Apple baseball

    I'm a fan. Do it.
  2. Whiplash27

    Please put oil in the door hindges

    Get rid of doors in the lobby. The super squeaky doors are too much. PUBG where doors and shattered glass are louder than gunfire.
  3. Been happening to me all the time. I have a game where it seems like nothing registers, then I die, look at bottom right corner and it's set to AS. Why?
  4. Whiplash27

    replay and death cam setting

    Game lags whenever I see people now. Never happened before the most recent update.
  5. Whiplash27

    NA client still randomly switching to Asia

    Happens to me almost every day. Awful.
  6. Whiplash27

    Throw Grenade, switch back to rifle

    Why isn't the default action after throwing a grenade to switch back to your primary/last rifle?
  7. Whiplash27

    AUTO stuck on AS server.

    Same issue here. It's quite annoying!
  8. Whiplash27

    VSS Scope blocked when aiming in FPP

    I was using a VSS today and every time I would try to zoom in while prone something would pop up on my screen blocking my view. Once I would crouch or stand the problem would go away.
  9. Whiplash27

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    Require 5 (maybe 10) bandages, 1 first aid kit, or 1 med-kit (revives at 75% health) to revive teammates. Not sure how to make people choose which they'd use, but it would make the revival metric a bit more interesting. Every team member would need to have kits and they'd also need to use their supply of them to get players back up. It would limit the amount of reviving that can be done. I've thought about sniper rifle head shots meaning instant death, but idk, I think that sniper rifles are already powerful enough as it is (you get the reward of a player getting knocked down with a single shot). No reason to make them even more powerful.
  10. +1 on end game circle being slower. If you get into a fire fight when it's starting to close in you're pretty much a goner because you'll be wounded + high speed + increased damage. It's too much.
  11. Whiplash27

    Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    Maybe make the revive require a first aid kit? Would make things more interesting.
  12. I wouldn't be necessarily opposed, but is sway in this game really that hard to deal with as it is?
  13. Game uses a ton of memory, you probably need 16GB to run it smoothly. I was getting awful lag yesterday. Uninstalled the game and reinstalled, it seemed to fix the issues, but I haven't checked out memory usage.