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  1. Just got 2nd place again, would have won if the game wasn't based on luck that the circle decides to go for the enemy while I have absolutely no cover but yeah 2nd place and no BP again.. 2 games a row, but bluehole doesn't seem to care even if u directly tell them they dont give a crap
  2. Since last patch the leaderboards 70% of time says "the service is currently unavailable"...
  3. Since yesterday's useless patch, most of the matching just cancels its self requiering to click play button all the time until it freaking finds the match, restarting pubg does nothing. I''m not the only one having this issue, all my friends have it too..
  4. So... I click "play" it start matching and after 2 sec its cancels the matchmaking itself for no reason, having to restart pubg to be able to start a new game.. first few games was fine now it comes all the time and all because of this stupid maintenance. having to restart pubg doesn't fix the bug always either!
  5. Soo.. I just died because I cooked grenade and was going to throw it from the upside while jumping down from balcony but while jumping down it switches to throw from downside instead...
  6. Soo... SKS has the same ability without items or with items like wtf is this. typical broken pubg. https://gyazo.com/78ebd2e314c49b36cff665bb8a00c6f1 <---- Without items https://gyazo.com/5adf92be453b2f27866ca031e789bc98 <--- with items
  7. Just like the title says.. awesome fkin sht, shotguns are enough bugged sht and way to go to find this new sht...
  8. I don't think this problem has anything to do with router bacause I've used 3 different ways, wirelress, wired router and wirless mobiledata same sht. First of all this problem occurred to everyone month ago from the update. Did they start using VIVOX month ago, if so stop using it!
  9. Are you saying having the "push to talk" in T is the problem? lol.
  10. Sadly I have played enough long to never have had this bug until that sht update at 16/9 the game was pretty fine for me before then almost zero bugs until then.
  11. Not the first time this happens, seen in spectate also that where people kill some1 even though they move behind the wall and die like 0,5 sec after entering there here's a big proof, there's no way he actually shot me when i was behind the wall clearly AND IN HEAD WHEN MY HEAD LITERALLY WAS BEHIND THE WALL: Date seen: 28/9/2017 started pretty much 16/9 from the update that brought many freaking bugs. Server: Live Error: NO! Troubleshooting attempt: Yes of course, none of those steps actually work for anyone they're just a way of saying the fault is not at your end! Launch options: No and since there problem isn't only for me that shouldn't matter. System: Yes I have everything better than requirments!
  12. Most of ur bullets hit leg or arm so it reduces dmg man, though I do think the knockdown system is sht, why would it requier same amount of hits to finish him than when he is a live.. fk the logic fk the logics... srsly
  13. Not just houses, even some weapons/items take time to spawn if u can land very fast on places where they spawn.
  14. After yesterdays update I have 95% of bugs opening doors... I open door but it wont open, I close it wont close, even if other person and im not near the door it wont show its open for me but for the other guy it does... I just had a game where I had all the doors open in house then enemy shows up there doesn't know im there I go quietly look for him notice the doors are closed but hey surprise the fkin guy is shooting through the door when its closed FOR ME. and yes this happens A LOT AFTER UPDATE, BEFORE UPDATE THERE WAS LIKE 1% CHANCE FOR THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME.
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