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  1. ok, if this is a feature, i'd suggest that there's 2 ways to throw a grenade: the 'safe' way, as you learn in every military on this planet... and the risky way, by releasing the lever at the same time as the safety thats similar like using the awp with only one bullet at a time - because thats cooler, or not a bug, istead of having a 5 clip (or ten) mag as it has in real-life .... dont get me wrong, i understand both techniques, and both are valid, but rethink what's default - the unsafe or the safe maybe some readers like to contribute? how often would you like to switch to grenade, waitig for the time to throw (reducing it by taking it into hand, and releasing the spring) and being ready to throw any second, compared to the 'cook off' method of already having the fuse burning, hoping your enemy to move the way you expect him to move to throw in 'the last second'`? thanks
  2. maybe take a look at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grenade#/media/File:Schema_Grenade-en.svg the pin allows the lever to be released, this triggering the fuse ring - make grenade 'unsafe' lever/clip activates timed fuse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grenade#Operation
  3. thanks, i know that - learned the hard way but as i said, thats not how a grenade works - a grenade is safe, until you release the clip you are holding - the safety-ring only allows the clip to be released that happens (usually, unless you are as dumb as the player-character in PUBG) when you throw the grenade - the clip, and the grenade seperate and fly throgh the air - the grenade is HOT and explodes when the fuse timer is reached the only reason when you want the clip to be released earlier is, when you are brave, and trust the fuse-time and you need the time it takes to be 'reduced' in your hand e.g. the fuse-timer is 5 sec - you know where your enemy is, and you want to take him the chance to react and run away - so, you pull the pin, release the clip, and wait 3 secs, then you throw and hope that the last 2 secs are enough for the grenade to reach the target, and that these 2 secs are not enough for your victim to realize the grenade and flee but i'd consider this behaviour 'unsafe' and i guess that in any military in the world, you learn to use variant 1 - unless REALLY necessary ... so, the usual way for grenade-behaviour in PUBG should be (imho) that the grenade is safe unless thrown...
  4. is this confirmed bug now, or is the player-character confirmed to be a madman pulling ring AND releasing the clip on purpose? thanks
  5. hi! i just had a greande explode in my hand, getting ME killed, and not the one i was waiting for - well, i dont know who would be dumb enough to pull the ring, AND release the clip before throwing, but obviously characters in PUBG are maybe possible with molotovs (if the rag burnt down an falls into the liquid, although there might not be enough oxygen to cause an explosion), but a frag grenade is SAFE unless the clip is released - which happens when you trow the grenade... i hope thats an issue that can get fixed ... thanks!
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