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  1. It's probably in a different region. Check your stats for all regions.
  2. Since when do PUBG servers have more than 100 people? That looks like a hosted server.
  3. Bump still not working... After showing the video clip to a friend (Developer) of what happened he told me what he thought might of happened.... which i do not like... will wait until this problem gets fixed.
  4. It was working all fine until some squad members started chanting racist remarks. I defended my self and told him, "What are you going to do about it?" He replied, "I'm going to drop you" I told him go ahead I am recording, do it and ill get you banned. 3 Minutes later the game crashed. Every game ever since I haven't been able to hear not one person speak through their microphone. Not even in the lobby where everyone screams "China Numba 1" .... I speak and I get no confirmation that my squad can hear me... Discord works fine and so does every other game.... Why can't I hear no one talk in game no more? And yes I have audio chat set for all. I tried setting it on team only still not working.
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