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  1. Not sure if this is the area to post this but here it is https://imgur.com/a/l3MHg south west of the powergrid on the plateaus. please fix.
  2. Monj

    Cheating Discussion

    Wouldnt ban by IP work just as well?
  3. Monj

    Cheating Discussion

    title says it. Asking b/c of cheaters. if people get banned for a 20-25 dollar game and are just making as much on the steam marker farming points for items to sell whats the point when they can just re buy the game? and do it all over again?
  4. Monj

    Cheating Discussion

    If you are talking about the mini map while watching death cam, then yes thats wat everyone sees only in death cam. not in actual game
  5. Monj

    Died in redzone while i was in a building.

    Ok to put this nicely. If im inside a building and bomb blows me up that hit the roof whats the point of running for cover in the first place? Please fix this. its rather FUCKING ANNOYING when im in the top 5 of a game and the bombs blow my ass up while INSIDE HEALING!!!