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  1. Well made video! Loved the talk about the rooftop camper
  2. I notice this has been reported already to the developers, but while we wait for more info concerning the problem, maybe this troubleshooting could be of help, in case some have not tried it yet.
  3. @MMikolaj Does it work when you do not have Spotify open? @Kokefa This happens in every duo/squad match?
  4. Thank you all for reporting this problem. I have forwarded it to the developers.
  5. Oh Are u supporting cheating in pubg ?

    1. Zork


      I am supporting the forum rules.

    2. Alabanda


      thats explain why each game has a  cheater thank you <3

  6. Hey Zork, is it possible to get an exposition on the damage chart?



    I can't seem to find anyone who understands it.

    Thank you.

  7. You can rep members, how do you down-rep a member? 

    1. Zork


      You cannot. You can report them for breach of official rules though.

  8. you give me a warning for posting a meme? jesus.... fuck your fourms. I wont be using them anymore. How about that. 

  9. XaXa

    Hey Zork! Is this you: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071824280

    If yes, I added you!

    1. Zork


      That is me @XaXa Thank you:)

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