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  1. For some people a scroll speed sensitivity setting is needed, as I need to scroll 9 times on my mouse to reach the bottom of a loot box(3 seconds), as shown in the video attachment. That is a very painful waste of time when trying to win. I am fully aware that a lot of people don't have this issue, but please have some compassion for the ones of us that do. And to show that others have this issue too: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/210465-anyway-to-change-looting-scroll-up-down-speed/ My mouse is Zowie EC1-A but this has happened to me with other mice too. Changing scroll speed in windows doesn't affect anything in-game and neither should it. I've had this issue since early acces launch, so I think it's time we get a mousewheel scroll sensitivity setting. I placed this topic in bug reports because "Issues that directly affect gameplay" fit this issue. I can also suggest to perhaps add a second row when looting to make things faster, but eliminating the long scroll speed is number 1 priority. Thanks
  2. The sound of the buggy in FPP servers are WAY too loud, when driving the buggy. Every other sound is perfect.
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