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  1. Turn off the death cam and replay system and see if it continues to happen. That's typically the culprit.
  2. Tharkkun

    Cheating Discussion

    Shroud was banned a couple times already.
  3. Tharkkun

    Cheating Discussion

    Well the high grossing streamers didn't get banned. It's all the wannabes.
  4. Tharkkun

    Cheating Discussion

    Well the majority of streamers use a second monitor also. Their game screen doesn't have all that freaky overlay on it. It's clean and the secondary has all the streaming comments and other garbage. They have a responsibility to pay attention and respond to them otherwise people stop subbing if they don't get the attention. So don't confuse that with using radar.
  5. Tharkkun

    Cheating Discussion

    The pros don't use aimbots. That's way too easy to see and detect. But it appears some were using radar when they played from home or the qualification matches.
  6. Looks completely normal to me. It must be a rendering issue on his end or something.
  7. I don't have any problems. Do you guys have your brightness jacked up to the max?
  8. A player gets counted as being in the game the moment they are selected. Then they start loading the map. The delay is to allow them to also fully load the map while you might've been sitting in the lobby waiting for the threshold to start the countdown.
  9. Their webmaster should be fired. It takes all of 30 seconds to make a proper redirect either from the web server or through the domain hosting provider.
  10. Not really. Companies would just work to license their IP to already existing companies inside China and sell their products through them like they already do. There's a lot of games that have completely altered player experiences so they are legit to use in China already. It's the price of doing business in a communist country.
  11. That's a crock of shit actually. 1050 should be more than sufficient to run this game well.
  12. Tharkkun

    Packet loss FIX

    Yeah the MTU change really isn't going to help nowadays. If you're running through a VPN where your packet is encapsulated and goes over the 1500 byte limit, or your ISP does some form of this in a poor way for traffic shaping. Otherwise this should never happen in normal scenarios. I think it's just a coincidence the IPV6 helped out honestly. There was probably something wrong at your ISP or the route between your ISP and the PUBG servers that was resolved.
  13. Tharkkun

    Test Server / Vikendi

    They probably want to keep the queues low for now. Last couple PTR's were ghost towns.
  14. Tharkkun

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    Blizzard did it for 8 years and people gladly handed them $15 a month. Patch days meant the servers were down till 9-11 pm due to issues. It's gotten better now as they have upgraded their backend tech to be as seamless as possible. But when you start a Indie game not expecting it to blow up like PUBG did you don't really plan for these things at the start. Maybe this will come as they rework each system. But based on how the popularity dipped so much I can't see them spending millions to do this now. Maybe if they game was steady at 1-2 million players. That's just my opinion also.
  15. Tharkkun

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    I don't think PUBG has ever been derogatory toward players on their maintenance concerns. It's the players who berate other players. If it's not over maintenance it will be over something else.