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  1. For the most part PUBG runs very well for me. But I usually get one big lag spike per game. It usually happens around the 2-3 minute mark. Everything freezes for maybe 2 seconds. And then the game returns to normal. I play NA server (from Indianapolis) and my ping / connection are usually excellent.
  2. I had this happen recently too. Not often but my SCAR stopped firing in a close range shootout. I will see if I can find the clip. I use a SteelSeries 500 Rival mouse.
  3. Did Quick Play change after the patch? Had good variety before...
  4. Screenshot I just took of game mode select. 10 AM Eastern. I could not find a FPP game at all. I've never had this happen. Third Person was playable but numbers also seemed down.
  5. I think for Windows 10 (which I am not running). Tried rolling back video driver too. * le sigh *
  6. It had turned highlights back on but when I disabled that the stutters remained...
  7. Do we make sounds that we can't hear? It seems that I do not hear all the sounds that I make (but which are audible to opposing players). I've had a few instances where I thought I was silent (crouched and just looking around) but on replay my opponent could hear my slight movement. The same with small steps forward. There is no sound on my end but I can hear steps on replay (from my opponent's pov). Just curious why this would happen.
  8. I have not noticed an overall fps drop. But frequent stuttering. Movement freezes but sound remains. Ping spikes.f
  9. I have not had an issue with this in quite a while but today I noticed a lot of small stutters and freezes.
  10. I am having this too. I did a clean install to 419.35
  11. When I put on a black turtle neck under the Miramar Biker Jacket, my character's neck disappears. See screenshot below. You can see the sky between my head and torso.
  12. Minor proof-reading issue for the loading screen that shows the keybindings: At the bottom where you show the lean controls, the labels are reversed. It looks like this: Lean right / left q / e It would be more accurate to say: Lean left / right q / e
  13. 3) Clothes disappear right before some matches.
  14. 1) Game crashes and I get: Lost Connection to Host 2) Jumping from plane my body doesn't render and the POV spins. Lasts until I hit V and then my body becomes visible. Sometimes it becomes visible except for the arms.
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