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  1. The OP is hitting on a conflict that all persistent multi-player games have had to struggle with: new-player experience vs. veteran-player experience. My skill level is right there with the OP and some of the other folks in this thread. I know the game, I can make some good plays, but I am too old and my play-time is too limited to survive against the big dogs. I don't mind the struggle, but I can see how new players would quickly turn away from a game where the player-base has a vast head-start. You do improve by competing with people better than you, but only if they are reasonably better than you. There's a reason why we don't expect our youngest athletes to compete against the pros. If my middle school soccer player competes against the World Cup squad, she won't get any better and neither will the pros. At best she can get some coaching, but she will still need a reasonable cohort of fellow players in order to practice and improve. And the veterans are also in a tough spot. They need a reasonable cohort of opponents-- or at least a reasonable set of challenges-- in order for the game to be fun. For the time being, I don't think this is a problem. Survival is not guaranteed and good players (like Choco and Fugglet and add-your-favorite-streamer-here...) still get gunned down a lot. There is still the chance for uplift as players rise up to that level. But the veteran players tend to be the ones most resistant to change-- especially change that effects how they play the game. We weren't supposed to get comfortable with the battle-royale arena, and yet we've stagnated on 2 maps because we veterans have picked our favorites and PUBG has allowed that to dictate where everyone plays. Change is the best way that new players have to enter with any kind of chance. I think Sanhok is a beautiful map but I'm bored with it. I did not fall in love with PUBG because it was predictable. I fell in love with it because there were only a few things in my control and I had to make the most of them. It seems ironic but I think the player experience will be improved if the players have less choice. I like the proposed change to map selection (featured or random). This is PUBG regaining some control of their arena. I like the remade Erangel if for no other reason than there are new things to explore. I would like to see more variation-- more surprises-- as the game moves forward. In this way the new players have a bit of a chance and the veterans have a bit of a challenge-- and everyone has something to explore.
  2. Today I have had the game crash twice and when I submitted the crash report, that crashed too. I get a message about a Report Error. I haven't been able to clip the message. Will try to add an image if it happens again. If needed: NA Server i5 3570 (3.4 ghz) GTX 1070 24 RAM game on SSD
  3. I love the basements in those wooden homes. I wish you would do more of this. Stuff you never reveal but is there to be found. Basements that connect homes in Pochinki or Georgopol. Camouflaged bunkers in the woods. Something under Stalber. I don't need for there to be treasure in them or some super-tactical reason. But little things to discover.
  4. This is an obscure one but if you are at the ruins, at the castle overlooking the river, there is a small piece of an arch that is missing. This is on the side that faces "watertown" You have to look up to see it.
  5. After using a 6x scope (aim and then go back to TPP) textures of trees and other surfaces become very low for a second or two. Trees look like blobs. Wallpaper in rooms looks blurry. Etc. Noticed this most at Gatka and the apartments by the school.
  6. Gladly: i5-3570 (3.4 ghz) 24 gb RAM GTX 1070 (driver 431.36) SSD Drive mouse: Steel Series Rival 500 Thank you.
  7. No clip of this I'm afraid, but just got killed when my M416 fired 2 rounds and then stopped.
  8. Up by Zharki on Erangel. At the lobby area (pre-game spawn). Fence looks like it has shifted 5 meters or so to the east.
  9. I'm getting the same message. And Steam seems to be running just fine. Also Test Server says, "Server is too busy" I can't get in to either.
  10. Just got this message and can't log on to main game. 7:45 PM Eastern (Indiana). Nothing about my setup has changed. Test Server says, "Servers are too busy"
  11. For the most part PUBG runs very well for me. But I usually get one big lag spike per game. It usually happens around the 2-3 minute mark. Everything freezes for maybe 2 seconds. And then the game returns to normal. I play NA server (from Indianapolis) and my ping / connection are usually excellent.
  12. I had this happen recently too. Not often but my SCAR stopped firing in a close range shootout. I will see if I can find the clip. I use a SteelSeries 500 Rival mouse.
  13. Did Quick Play change after the patch? Had good variety before...
  14. I am having this too. I did a clean install to 419.35
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