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  1. Okay I will add my comment once again, this time more than just one line. I have more than 2k+ hours. I don't want this game to die cause then all my hard work dies with it. I mainly play Faceit but still try to enjoy publics from time to time. Don't kill this game with flare guns please. Update 22 was a disaster I have never seen before, most of the streamers just leaving. Now you want to add flare guns come on, its just too "op" if you have luck and find it you can get all the loot you need. Its RNG feature. I don't know anyone who would like flare gun in the main game except "hardcore casuals". Make the events with flare guns thats fine but don't add it into the main game. Just please listen to the right people!
  2. Honestly, I never want to see flare gun on public matches. Just my personal opinion.
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