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  1. It's really weird that there is no indicator. Makes it impossible to report. Also when people talk in lobby the sound can come from another location, so it's really hard to find out who is saying what.
  2. You cant say gg or hear gg from other people then.
  3. I dont really understand how the devs can enjoy entering their own game. Its horrible. In lobby all you hear is loud explosions, gunfire and racial slurs being yelled at everyone, some kids blowing as hard as they can into the mic to get noticed in the world and this goes on for 2-3 minutes before you finally get dropped out of the plane and can start communicate with your teammate in teamspeak or w/e.
  4. I've been playing Arma 3 BR a lot and i have come to grown use to having the earplug option. I find it difficult to communicate with my team in lobby, in the plain and when riding in a vehicle. Especially when using the boost. In Arma 3 BR i would simply use my earplugs in these situations and honestly it's one of the things i miss the most from Arma 3 BR and i wish for it to be implemented here. Does anyone have any info about this subject?
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